Important Information

  • Duration


    6 Months, Part Time, Certification

Course Details

  • Course Description

    National Academy of Photography (NAP) offers Intensive Course on Digital Photography, a 6-months course which covers all the spheres of digital photography using various latest techniques.
  • Syllabus

    The course syllabus includes:
    • Basic Principles of Photography   
    • Camera Control   
    • Focusing   
    • Aperture   
    • Shutter   
    • Depth of Field 
    • Shutter Speed and Blur   
    • Exposure   
    • Basic Principles of Digital Technology   
    • Film Versus Digital Photography 
    • Know Your Tool   
    • Basic Digital Camera Shooting Technique   
    • Composition   
    • Different Characters of Light 
    • Effects of Light 
    • Product Photography   
    • Still Life Photography   
    • Outdoor Shooting   
    • Empowering Images with Photoshop 
    • Audio Visual Presentations

Contact details of NATIONAL ACADEMY OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Golf Green, Kolkata