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    Autonomous Institute
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    1.For ABAP : Fresher with BE/B.Tech/MCA/MCS/BCA/BCS or experienced professionals.

    2.For Functional Module : Relevant qualification with minimum 1.5 years of experience.

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    2. ITC
    3. TCS
    4. JPmorganChase

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    SAP Courses by SEED Infotech is designed for aspirants who wish to make their career in the IT industry. This program enables Transparency for Management, One solution for better management, Cost control & lower working capital, Critical control & visibility of inventory, Effective utilization of recourses, To marry latest technology, Shun the geographical gap, Satisfy the customer with high expectation, To be competitive & for survival.
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    2nd Floor, Vasundhara Space, Nagras road, Near Sungard, Aundh. Pin 411007

  • Courses... .

    * Financial Accounting (FI)
    * Management Accounting (CO)
    * Human Capital Management (HCM)
    * Production Planning (PP)
    * Sales and Distribution (SD)
    * Material Management (MM)
    * Project Systems (PS)
    * Quality Management (QM)
    * Enterprise Asset Management
    * ABAP workbench
    * Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    * Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
    * Business Intelligence (BI) Financial Accounting (FI)
    * Financial Accounting s role in the business.
    * General Ledger, Accounts Payable & Receivable, Fixed Asset Accounting.
    * Special G/L transactions and Document Parking.
    * Manage master data and configure Asset Accounting.
    * Integrated Case study.
    * Certification.

    Management Accounting (CO)
    * Cost center Accounting & Profit center Accounting, Profitability analysis.
    * Organization Units and Master Data of Overhead Management.
    * Performing Cost center and Product cost planning.
    * Implementation of Cost Object controlling.
    * Implementation of Profitability Analysis.
    * Integrated Case study.
    * Certification.

    Human Capital Management (HCM)
    * Introduction to SAP overview.
    * Configuration of master data & Time Management in HR.
    * Explanation on the basic processes of HR.
    * Reporting structure in HRM.
    * Configuration of Payroll.
    * Organizational management.
    * Integrated Case Study.
    * Certification.

    Production Planning (PP)
    * Overview of Plan to Inventory.
    * Forecasting and Demand Planning.
    * Detailed Material Planning.
    * Production Order Execution.
    * Creating and managing master data.
    * Describe applications for Production Planning.
    * Integrated Case Study.
    * Certification.

    Sales and Distribution (SD)
    * Processes in Sales and Distribution.
    * Delivery processes, Billing plans and down payments.
    * Promotions and Sales deals.
    * Rebate processing.
    * Revenue account determination.
    * Integrated Case Study.
    * Certification.

    Material Management (MM)
    * Introduction to processes in Procurement.
    * Inventory and Warehouse Management.
    * Goods receipts, Goods issues, and Transfer postings.
    * Planning procurement proposals.
    * Consumption-based planning.
    * Reorder point planning.
    * Preparation and performance of a physical inventory.
    * Integrated Case Study.
    * Certification.

    Project Systems (PS)
    * Overview of the basic functions in SAP Project System.
    * Various structures in project management.
    * Work Breakdown & Standard Structure.
    * Workflows in the project.
    * Cross-Application Time Sheet.
    * Cost, revenue, and structure planning.
    * Information system structures & Controlling.
    * Progress Analysis & Area Controlling.
    * Integrated Case Study.
    * Certification.

    Quality Management (QM)
    * Overview of the uses of Quality Management.
    * Insight into various QM functions.
    * Planning of the Quality Inspection process.
    * Inventory management.
    * Inspection point processing.
    * Integration of quality management into manufacturing processes.
    * Test equipment management.
    * Overview of statistical process control (SPC).
    * Integrated Case Study.

    Enterprise Asset Management
    * Overview of Plant Maintenance.
    * Time-based and performance-based maintenance planning.
    * Different phases of maintenance processing.
    * Integration between Plant Maintenance and Quality Management.
    * Accessing data using lists and reports within the ERP system.
    * Aggregation of data in the logistics information system.
    * Corrective maintenance & preventive maintenance.
    * Refurbishment and controlling of orders.
    * Integrated Case Study.
    * Certification.

    ABAP workbench
    * ABAP programming basics.
    * ABAP Open SQL.
    * Enqueue mechanism.
    * ABAP Open SQL for changing database data.
    * Write object oriented programs with ABAP.
    * Enhancements and modifications.
    * Dynamic programming.
    * ABAP Web Dynpro overview.
    * Certification.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    * Overview of the SAP CRM application.
    * Customizing fundamentals for CRM business transactions.
    * Customizing fundamentals for CRM - Process control and determination.
    * Basic concepts of CRM middleware.
    * Replication administration, data exchange, monitoring, and error handling.
    * User interface (UI) technology in SAP CRM.
    * Integrated Case Study.
    * Certification.

    Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
    * SAP Procurement Portfolio Overview.
    * SRM Architecture Overview.
    * Supplier collaboration.
    * Contract management.
    * Backend integration and configuration.
    * Workflow, catalog management.
    * RM-MDM Solution Overview and Architecture.
    * Certification.

    Business Intelligence (BI)
    * Overview of the most important objects in BI and their properties
    * Components of the data flow and extracting data
    * Introduction to administration of BI data targets
    * Basics for optimizing query performance
    * Functions of the SAP BI analysis tools
    * Navigation in SAP BI reports
    * Configuring report-report interfaces
    * Presenting reports in MS Excel or HTML
    * Universal data integration
    * Process Designer analysis
    * Data acquisition
    * Developing a BI model and various aspects of modeling
    * Report layout
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    Accommodation facility is available for outstation candidates.

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