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Current WAT GD topics for MBA Admission 2014 – Part II



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Current WAT GD topics for MBA Admission 2014
Admissions process in various top management colleges across India are going on. Like every year, this year too MBA aspirants are going through rounds of Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI), and Written Ability Test (WAT).

To know the topics of 2014, we spoke to a few candidates and visited online discussion groups. We have already published one article: IIM Admissions: Actual GD topics and case studies of 2014. Take a look at Part II of the article: topics doing rounds in other B-Schools.

Interestingly, the WAT topic - ‘spending 450 crores on Mars Orbiter with so many Indians below poverty line’ - has come up in at least three B-Schools.

IIM Bangalore WAT topics:

  1. Pros and cons of the rise of social media as means of communication.
  2. What are the challenges and issues of delivering cost-effective healthcare solutions to India?
  3. The Indian Rupee has hit a record low of 60 against US dollar. Write your opinion on how a strong or weak Rupee will affect the Indian economy with reasons.
  4. Is spending Rs 450 crores on the Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan justified with 400 million people below poverty line in India?
  5. With food and fuel subsidy emerging as the main fiscal problem of the Indian government, should we do away with it or keep it?



IIM Calcutta WAT topics:

  1. Urban cities are an illustration of pollution. What measures you will take to prevent it in major metro across India.
  2. Increasingly, young people have to face a world which is unpredictable, chaotic and full of shocks. What is your survival recipe?
  3. As democracy has failed in India, it's time to look for alternative forms of government. Argue.
  4. India recently launched Mars Orbiter. With India is facing issues like poverty and health care, do you think it is a good idea to spend lot of money on such things.

IIFT Essay and GD topics:

  1. Essay: Challenges in food security in developing nations.
    GD: Story of Indian NGO – good intention but bad implementation.
  2. Essay: Polar Vortex and Cold weather: does it disprove Global warming?
    GD: Using referendum for strategic policies state is this good form of participatory democracy?
  3. Essay: Continuation of IPL for promotion of sports in India.
    GD: Are MNCs better than Indian Companies?
  4. Essay: Implications of providing free public utility services.
    GD: Is it justifiable to judge a juvenile just on age and not on the nature of crime?
  5. Essay: Will tax reforms increase savings?
    GD: Can sportspersons be good administrators?

IIM Kozhikode GD/WAT topics:

The institute gives one topic for GD and WAT.

  1. In business ‘what you know’ is not that important as 'who you know'?
  2. Can one become a successful manager by compromising on morality?
  3. Ecological concern is a luxury for India.
  4. Since Cyber Bill was not passed, it is impossible to patrol cyberspace.
  5. Community Water Filters(CWF) are more economical than Individual Water Filters (IWF).

Symbiosis International University WAT:

This time, SIU gave an essay topic and another ‘comment on the picture’ essay.

  1. Essay: Women are now managing both office work and household chores. This has taken a toll on their happiness and health.
    Picture essay: A picture of Shiva’s half immersed statue during Uttarakhand flash floods- Refer link.
  2. Essay: Health is wealth and its implications in your personal life
    Picture essay: Iconic photo of vulture preying upon an Sudanese toddler. Refer Link.
  3. Essay: 'Freedom of expression. Is censorship justified? Cite examples of artistic freedom curbed in fields of cinema, art, and media.
    Picture essay: Anonymous Revolution logo. Refer Link.
  4. Essay: Companies using social media as an emerging platform for marketing their goods and services.
    Picture essay: Old Apple logo. Refer link.
  5. Essay: Indian cinema produces more than 1000 films per year, do you think it has cultural impact at Global level?
    Picture essay: Amul’s image. Refer Link.


IIM Admissions: Actual GD topics and case studies of 2014

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