Intelligence Services ( CBI, IB, RAW) - Nature of Work, Entry / Training

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This Article is taken from Mrs. Kum Kum Tandon's book After 10+2 And Beyond - Humanities & Commerce chapter No. 14 titled Armed Forces & Paramilitary Forces


Intelligence Services ( CBI, IB, RAW) - Nature of Work, Entry / TrainingSecurity and Intelligence Services with the government have become sought after careers. With increase in corruption, crime, and terrorist activities there is constant need for investigative intelligence. This career is bound to attract attention of sincere and honest young aspirants seeking a challenging career. Investigation requires single minded determination, involves field work in inaccessible, remote and dangerous territories among alien and criminal environment. It could involve chasing a hardened criminal, murderer, dacoit, a rapist, economic offender, smuggler, foreign spying agents, secret bank account holders in India and abroad or put one in hot pursuit of criminals in foreign countries.

Intelligence Services took shape in India in 1861 primarily for collection, assimilation, and analysis of information. Simultaneously, the intelligence department played a preventive role in the arena of crime, and the task was entrusted to the police.

Under the British, the need for a special agency to get advance information and subsequent coordination of the detection and prevention of political crimes was also realized. The agency so instituted thus grew into a full fledged department at the provincial level and came to be known as the Criminal Investigative Department - CID.

This department had two main divisions: the Special or Security Branch and the Crime Branch. The Special Branch was responsible for investigating into subversive political activities, and movement of foreigners, etc. The Crime Branch was involved exclusively with criminal intelligence, e.g. terrorist movements, specialised crimes like counterfeiting of currency, economic offences and bank frauds. The Crimes were required to be registered at the local police station. Considering their importance and ramification, specialised personnel were required for the job as the ‘police' manpower was inadequate.

Public safety, law and order, internal security, prevention and detection of crime etc. has been the responsibility of the Provincial Police (at the State level) and Indian Police Services (IPS) at Central level. Provincial Police services are controlled by a Commissioner of Police under the State Home Ministry. Whereas the Central Bureau of Investigation functions under the jurisdiction of the Home Ministry at the centre. This organisation works on referral of cases from Home Ministry or when specially called for by the Supreme Court or High Courts.

At the non governmental level there are private detective agencies.

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s isaq basha 2 years ago

hai sir i am completed 12th standard how apply ib or raw pls tell me or send email on sbashaapp@gmail.com

prema nanda halder 2 years ago

sir..,i am prema nanda halder and my fist q.......i am b.com pat1and iam job by india c.b.i. .?

ashutosh sharma9366 2 years ago

sir,i want to join c.b.i ...with any condition

astha96560 2 years ago

sir,i'am intrested cbi jobs,and i'm compleated bca.is this job good for girls,and how to apply this position.

s.richard samuel 2 years ago

rsrichard18@gmail.com .....sir I have completed Bachelor in Pharmacy...how can I apply to join CBI

Bhagirath saw 2 years ago

Bhagirath saw hai sir i am completed 12th standard how apply cbi or raw pls tell me or send email on (aueshkumar@gmail.com).

chandra71154 a year ago

Sir, Iam a lecturer in zoology. Iwant to join in RAW. pls. guide me.

Gourav1504 a year ago

Respected Sir/Ma'am my self is Gourav Heer Pursuing B.Tech in I.T .I want to join RAW.Please suggest me want can i do.My email id is [gouravheer@gmail.com(+918295893009)].

Jannati Nahar Hasan 3 months ago

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dadaso22941 2 months ago

Sir mereco row me aana hai.mai kuch bhi karneko tayar hu apne country ke liye.

Neda9412 Hi,
RAW exam is conducted by UPSC every year. It comes under IB (Intelligence Bureau).
RAW is an independent body.

Valid Candidature:
RAW recruits there agents and officers from Army, IPS, IAS, IB, CBI, or sometimes directly from Universities (very rare case).
-The whole tenure of a RAW agent is of nearly 2-5 years, after that they are allowed to back to there old service of weather IAS, IPS etc.
-There is no permanent job in Raw.

If you want to join RAW directly:
- RAW recruit directly through Staff Selection Commission, which conducts an exam called Deputy Field Officers under Cabinet Secretary.
-Cabinet secretary is also an IAS officer, who handles PM's office.

You must complete degree with 60%.

Selection process:
1.Written exam
2.Technical round
3.Physical and Medical tests
4.Personal Interview

All the best.
2 months ago
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