The Bhawanipur Education Society College , Bhawanipur, Kolkata

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Why Join The Bhawanipur Education Society College

  • One of the leading Commerce and Management colleges in Kolkata
  • Has a world class infrastructure
  • Excellent academic results
  • Highly competent and experienced faculty

Institute Details

  • Infrastructure / Teaching Facilities

    The college has an excellent infrastructure with:

    • Air conditioned classrooms
    • Wireless internet Connectivity
    • Computer Labs
    • Well stocked Library
    • Telephone Facility
    • Gymkhana
    • Canteen
    • Common rooms
    • Free car driving driving training to girls
  • Top Faculty

    Top faculty of the College includes:

    Tridib Sengupta

    Professor, BBA
    M.Com, MBA, MIMA

    Dr. Sreekumar Ray

    Professor, B.Com
     M.Com, M.Phill, Ph.D

    Dr. Suchandra Chaaravarty

    Professor, English
    M.A, Ph.D

    Smarani Mukherjee
    Professor, History
    M.A, Ph.D

    Dr. Samir Kanti Datta
    Professor, Chemistry
    M.Sc, Ph.D

    and many more...
  • Institute Description

    The Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC) was established in the year 1996. This college was initiated by the Gujaratis for imparting education and help individuals attain a new horizon of perfection regardless of their caste, creed and religion. The college pays special attention to women education and encourage them in every possible way. BESC is affiliated to the University of Calcutta.

    The Bhawanipur Education Society College potrays a perfect mosaic of diversities in India with students hailing from different regions of the nation practicing varied language, customs and culture. The students of the institute are considered as the heart and soul of the college and are provided with best of comforts. The college aims at imparting liberal education to its students and help them become successful, self reliant and responsible citizens.
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