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; "The Man Who can make hard things easy is the educator" - Ralph Waldo Emerson ; GIMS school of Hotel Management is a leading hotel management institution from Western India (Mumbai). GIMS is revolutionizing the professional developments of future leaders of hospitality industry, through innovative training, growth and opportunity while upholding

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      "The Man Who can make hard things easy is the educator" - Ralph Waldo Emerson
    GIMS school of Hotel Management is a leading hotel management institution from Western India (Mumbai). GIMS is revolutionizing the professional developments of future leaders of hospitality industry, through innovative training, growth and opportunity while upholding the institute's philosophies and values. GIMS strongly believe in making things simpler for its students. Since last five years, have been consistently proving it's mettle in making its ambitious students' dreams come true. GIMS always adapted the aggressive and not so conventional approach in its teaching methodology, training, placements and international exposure for its students. Today GIMS can proudly boast as the only hotel management institute in India which can guarantee all its students international placements. This will not only give the students the much-needed world class on the job experience but also help them earn upto Rs. 1 lakh a month even before they graduate. Thanks to the mentoring approach, GIMSians always score high on positive attitude, effective communication, personal grooming, professional etiquette et al than their counter-parts in other similar institutions. In a nutshell GIMS wants its students to successfully walk through the roads which seemed impossible for others. Other Information:
    TOP 10 REASONS TO JOIN GIMS TOP 1 - International Internship
    "GIMS School of Hotel Management is the only Hotel Management Institute in India which provides its entire aspiring students with International Internship Placements in the countries like UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA et al.” TOP 2 - Opportunity to earn back the entire course fee
    “Only at GIMS, the students have a unique opportunity to earn back their entire course fees, even before the completion of the course, through the international internship opportunities provided by GIMS.” See table below
    Institutes Course Fee Internship Fee Total Total Earning Net Profit Other 
            during internship Priceles Benefits
    GIMS School of Hotel Management 2.4 Lakhs in Mumbai and 1.65 Lakhs in Hyderabad 2.5 lakhs for UK (Approximately) 4 to 5 Lakhs 7 to 10 Lakhs 3 to 5 Lakhs (Profit) Degree in Hotel Management + International Experience
    Other Hotel Management Colleges 1.5 to 3 lakhs (average) NA NIL NIL 1.5 to 2.35 (Loss) Degree in Hotel Management
    TOP 3 - GIMS offers 100% Job Guarantee
    We at GIMS do not believe in just placement assistance but we believe in only JOB GUARANTEE. That means all students at GIMS are assured of a Job, mostly internationally.
    Fact: More than 80% of GIMS students are placed in internationally acclaimed Hotels in US/UK/Australia/Canada et al TOP 4 - Flexi-Learning Method (FLM)
    At GIMS, we follow new and innovative training methodologies. Our training is not a ‘Black Board to Book’ method. The training methodology is more flexible and suits perfectly to the ever changing needs of the industry. It also suits best to the students’ ambitions. In other words, our training method is designed keeping in mind the Industry requirements and students’ ambition.
    Fact:90% of the young aspirants join GIMS because of our FLM. TOP 5 - Full fledged operational office in the United Kingdom
    GIMS is the only hotel management institution in India with a full fledged operational office in the UK. This enables our students an easy access to the global opportunities.
    Fact: Our operational office in the UK helped more than 178 students to get placed in the United Kingdom through TWES permit, just in the academic year 2008. TOP 6 - Post education support for lifetime
    We don’t wash-off our hands by providing just one job offer after the course completion. We are more than happy to provide placements to our students any number of times. We help our students work in different countries and explore different opportunities that leads to settling down abroad eventually. TOP 7 - Exclusive International Internship and Placement Offices
    GIMS established its own Regional Internship and International Placement office in Kolkata.
    Fact: This office enables not just the students of GIMS but also students of other Hotel Management Institutions in East and North East states of India, to make their International career progression easier. This proves our ability as far as International Internships and placements are concerned. TOP 8 - Free Insurance
    Incase of any unforseen and unfortunate event in the student’s family the entire course fees will be borne by the Insurance Company. GIMS will pay all the Premiums pertaining to the Insurance Policy. That means the student need not discontinue his / her education in such events.
    Fact: GIMS is the only Hotel Management Institution in India which is emotionally empathetical towards its students. In other words GIMS plays a role of a parent as far as its students’ completion of their education is concerned. TOP 9 - Freebies
    Free Uniform, free course material, no examination fee, no donation and no other hidden fees. Unlike any other Hotel Management Institution in India, GIMS never charges the students any such fees. This means the fees works out very affordable.
    Fact: Parents can properly plan the budget for their wards education. TOP 10 - Adequate Infrastructure
    Good Infrastructure with all adequate facilities like AC Classrooms, LCD Projectors in each classrooms, good lab kitchen, Restaurant, public announcement systems, Video Conferencing facility, library etc. We do not provide to students what is not required, but only give them what is important and useful to them. By doing this we do not burden the students by charging extra fee and donations.
    Fact: GIMS infrastructure emphasizes on what is useful to the students. But not to display our richness. GIMS Mumbai is associated with Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India GIMS Hyderabad is associated with Bharathiar University recognized by University Grant Commission(UGC),Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India  
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