Important Information

  • Total Fees


    INR 16000
  • Affiliation


    Affiliated to National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) (Indian University)
  • Eligibility


    Must have passed 10th from a recognized board
  • Duration


    1 Year, Correspondence, Certification

Course Details

  • Course Description

    Homeopathy Arc offers Certificate in Homeopathic Dispensing (CHD) which is a year long program designed for students who wish to gain expertise in this domain. The program is offered in both English/Hindi medium.
  • Syllabus

    Given below is the list of subjects. Module – I (Introduction to Homoeopathy)
    1. Elementary Anatomy.
    2. Elementary Physiology
    3. History of Homeopathy
      • Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
      • Discovery of the law of cure
      • Homeopathy Science & Art
    Elementary organon of Medicine.
    • Introduction
    • Fundamental of cardinal principles of Homeopathy
    • Concept of Health, Disease and Cure in Homoeopathy
    • Totality of Symptoms
    • How do the homoeopathic medicine act
    • Case Taking
    • Individualization
    • Diet and Regimen.
     5. Introduction of Homoeopathic Material Medical. Module – II (Introduction to Homeopathic Dispensing)
    • Pharmacy, Homeopathic Pharmacy, Pharmacopoeia
    • Sources, Collection and Preservation of Drug Substances
    • Homeopathic Dispensary
    • Preparation of Homeopathic Medicine
    • Homoeopathic Posology
    • List of Essential Drugs with Abbreviations
    • Study of Prescription and Abbreviations used in Prescription
    • Drugs and Cosmetic Acts Medicinal and Toilet Preparation Act
    • Duties and Responsibilities of a Dispenser
    Practical Module – I
    • Identification of bones & viscera and their functions from chats
    • Identification and uses of common utensils & containers used in a Homeopathic dispensary and their cleaning
    • Identification of Some homeopathic drugs (at least 20 drug substances)
      • 10 from vegetable kingdom
      • 5 from animal kingdom
      • 5 from mineral kingdom
    • Estimation of size of globules, Medication of globules
    • Potentisation of Homeopathic drugs from 29 to 30
    • Trituration of 2 Homeopathic drugs from 3x to 4x
    • Serving of 20 homeopathic precipitations; 7 in sugar of milk, 7 in distiller water, 2 in mother tincture, 2 in Biochemic tablets, 2 in Triturations
    • Preparation of external applications; Lotion, Glycerol, Ointment

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