All India Toppers: JEE Advanced 2013!

Jun 23, 2013, 09.21PM IST by Madiha Jawed


Joint Entrance Exam- JEE (Advanced) 2013 results got declared earlier than expected, on Friday, June 21, 2013. The exam was conducted on June 2. Pallerla Sai Sandeep Reddy, a student of Sri Chaitanya Narayana IIT Academy, Andhra Pradesh bagged the All India first rank. The same guy has also topped EAMCET engineering stream whose result was declared on June 5, 2013.

Interestingly, P Sai Sandeep's classmate from the same coaching institute has secured All India Rank 2 at JEE Advanced. And with just one mark separating the ranks, we have the third topper. Here’s what all the three Toppers told shiksha correspondent Madiha Jawed about JEE, their preparation strategy and IIT plans!

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How does it feel being the JEE Advanced 2013 topper?

P Sai Sandeep Reddy,JEE Advanced 2013 Topper

I am delighted. I have been preparing for this for the last 5 to 6 years i.e. since class 7. However, I wasn’t that serious till class 10, but picked up momentum after 10th. And yes, of course, I was expecting to top. I had high hopes and was quite sure.

You also emerged as the EAMCET 2013 topper. Did you expect top performance in both exams?

Actually since the beginning, JEE Advanced was my main target. I took EAMCET to just give it a try. I never really prepared for it.

So, how did you plan your preparation?

Since JEE Advanced was my target, I started preparing for it quite early. I found JEE and EAMCET quite similar. Both had the same topics and EAMCET like JEE did not have tough and standardised questions. However, there were some portions in EAMCET that were not covered under JEE and for these portions; I started my preparations just a week before EAMCET.

What was your overall score in JEE Mains? What study plan did you follow for JEE Advanced after you cracked Mains?

I never really prepared for JEE Mains as my sole aim was to crack JEE Advanced. I devoted 12-14 hours a day towards my studies.

I am a student of Sri Chaitanya Narayana IIT Academy and that’s why I did not face much problem because the institute gives you training for both IIT and state boards.

The state board exam was very easy. Being a resident of Andhra Pradesh, it’s an advantage for us. North Indian people have to study more I guess. My overall score in JEE Mains was 311/360. 

How different was the syllabus of JEE Advanced from EAMCET?

The syllabus for both the exams was quite similar, except for some topics as I told earlier. Preparing for EAMCET was not at all tough and the questions were very easy.

I liked maths and was quite good at Maths since my childhood. I practiced a lot and it really helped to pick up speed. It was this speed that made EAMCET easier for me.

What's your exact score in JEE Advanced and EAMCET?

My overall score in JEE and EAMCET was 332/360 and 154/160, respectively. The subject-wise break is:

JEE Advanced: Physics – 112/120; Chemistry – 113/120; Maths – 107/120.

EAMCET: Physics – 39/40; Chemistry – 39/40; Maths – 76/80

So, which is your dream IIT and which stream are you planning to opt for?

I am vying for IIT Bombay and have no second thoughts about it as I'm quite sure to get through. As far as the stream is concerned, I am planning to pursue Computer Science.

Most importantly, IITs are the best in the country and who would not want to study in an institute like that.

What are your views on the new JEE concept?

The new JEE concept is not really good according to me. It has extra syllabus for JEE Mains and you need to study forcibly for Mains even if you do not want to. Moreover, I do not like the percentile and the board marks system.

In fact, even a talented student would falter and might not get admission because of the percentile and board thing. Most importantly, what I have noticed is that the board is not good at correcting exam papers, so, ultimately, it’s the student who suffers.

What are your marks in Std XIIth?

I scored 98% in my XIIth boards and preparing for XIIth was not a great deal. In fact, many students got more marks than me. We need to prepare well and give extra time to our studies. It’s not about the syllabus but about how well you manage your time and studies.

What all other exams have you taken?

Besides JEE and EAMCET, I took VIT, where I bagged the 31st rank and BITSAT where I scored 41/450(there are no ranks in BITSAT).

Any success tips for aspirants who would be appearing next year?

  • Have a good study plan based on the syllabus
  • Divide time between subjects based on your interest and difficulties faced
  • Study topics you are not good at
  • Spend more time on subjects you are not good at
  • Time division is highly important, so divide your time accordingly
  • While studying, complete concentration is of utmost importance
  • Do not study continuously. Study for 50-60 minutes and then take a 10 minute break.
  • Interact with your teachers as much as possible

What's the feeling of being the second topper of JEE Advanced 2013?

A.Ravi Chandra, second topper,JEE Advanced 2013

Since my intermediate 1st year, I was expecting to be in the Top 10. However, I never expected to be in the Top 3 for JEE Advanced 2013. I am very happy and delighted.

How long have you been preparing and what was your study plan for JEE advanced after you cracked JEE Mains?

JEE Advanced was my main focus since the very beginning and I have been preparing for it since my Intermediate 1st year. JEE Mains had questions that were mostly factual while on the other hand, JEE Advanced had analytical and logical questions. I scored 315/360 in JEE Mains.

I am a student of Sri Chaitanya Narayana IIT Academy and the institute helped me a lot. It’s like if you are preparing for IIT-JEE, you will automatically be able to crack your state boards. That’s the kind of training we got at our institute. P.Sai Sandeep, the 1st topper and I were classmates and sometimes used to study together.

What’s your score in JEE Advanced and 12th boards?

My overall score in JEE Advanced is 330/360 and the subject-wise break up is:

Maths – 110/120; Physics – 120/120; Chemistry – 100/120

In my 12th boards, I scored 968/1000 i.e. 96.8%

Which IITs are you vying for and which stream do you wish to pursue?

IIT Bombay is my dream institute and I want to pursue my UG there because of the job opportunities you get after passing out. Secondly, all the toppers go there.

As far as the stream is concerned, I am going to opt for Computer Science.

What is your take on the new JEE pattern?

JEE Mains is just the same as AIEEE while JEE Advanced is equal to IIT-JEE. There is nothing new in the pattern. It’s the old pattern with a new name and I absolutely like it.

Which board are you from? How different was its syllabus from JEE Advanced?

I am a student of Andhra Board. The syllabus of Andhra Board is bigger than the JEE syllabus but the depth of the JEE Syllabus is any day more.  I never concentrated on my state board and studied it only a month before the exam. My sole target was JEE Advanced. 

Which other exams have you taken?

Apart from JEE, I took BITSAT where is scored 410/450, EAMCET where I bagged the 9th state rank and VIT where I got the All India 36th rank.


Any tips for aspirants who would be appearing for the exam next year?

I would advise the aspirants taking the examination next year to pick up any good book on IIT prep from the market and just practice. Practice actually makes a man perfect. Also, the second tip is to solve previous years’ question papers. It really helps and I can assure you of this fact as I did the same.

How are you feeling being the third topper of JEE Advanced 2013?

Anand Bharoskar, Third Topper, JEE Advanced 2013

It is a pretty awesome feeling. I am all happy and satisfied because I wasn’t expecting it. I would have been happy if I got anything under AIR 100 but this is just too much. I never thought I would be the All India 3rd topper for JEE Advanced 2013.

How long have you been preparing and what was your study plan for JEE advanced after you cracked JEE Mains?

I have been preparing for the last two years and took coaching classes in XI and XII from Ranker’s point, Indore. Since the very beginning, my focus was JEE Advanced. My JEE Main score was 306/360. After Mains was over; I got a revision pack from both Resonance and Ranker’s point. The packages helped me a lot in realising my weak points.

I was a bit in weak in Chemistry. For Organic Chemistry, I studied from a book by M S Chauhan and for Inorganic Chemistry; I referred to a book by K Kumar. Besides this, I also solved last 5-7 years question papers.

What’s your score in JEE Advanced and XIIth boards?

I scored 329/360 in JEE Advanced and 94.4% in my XIIth Boards. The subject-wise break up is:

JEE Advanced: Physics – 111/120 ; Chemistry – 118/120 ; Maths – 100/120

Std XIIth – Physics: 96/100; Chemistry: 95/100; Maths: 99/100; Computer Science: 95/100;  English: 87/100

Which is your preferred IIT and which stream do you wish to pursue?

Undoubtedly I will be going for IIT – Bombay and have planned to pursue Computer Science. However, my second option was IIT-Kanpur but I dropped the idea because the academics out there is quite challenging and thus I opted the easier IIT. Also, IIT Bombay has a reputed faculty. Most importantly, being a Marathi speaking guy, IIT Bombay will be culturally close.

What is your take on the new JEE pattern?

I quite like the idea mainly because students can prepare easily for both – JEE and Boards with ample time in hand. Earlier, IIT-JEE was conducted right after boards, so students did not get time to study properly. Now students can concentrate on their boards as well as JEE.

Which board are you from? How different was its syllabus from JEE Advanced?

I am a student of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Indore which is affiliated to CBSE. The syllabi of JEE Advanced and Boards weren’t quite different.

Basically Board syllabus is based on NCERT and a few chapters like semi-conductors and electronic devices are not there in JEE. The kind of questions in JEE, however, are tougher than boards. Also, NCERT questions are not asked in JEE, so that’s why it’s not sufficient to just stick to it. One has to refer to other books as well. 

I had to devote a bit of extra time to prepare for JEE but it was not a tough task for me. I started preparing for JEE since 10th but started studied for my Boards only two months before the exam. If you are preparing for JEE, boards would not be tough for you. 

Which other exams have you taken?

Besides JEE, I took BITSAT where I got 430, VIT where I scored 244 and MP-PET where I bagged the 17th rank.

I also took Physics, Maths, Astronomy and Chemistry Olympiads. I cleared the 1st and 2nd round of the Physics and Astronomy Olympiads, however, could not qualify for the third round.

I also bagged the All India First Rank in Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY)

Any tips for aspirants who would be appearing for the exam next year?

  • Since, I found the exam to be tough, hardwork would top the list of suggestions I would give to any aspirant taking the exam next year
  • Physics , Chemistry and Mathematics are easy subjects, so do not take it as a burden
  • If you dislike studies, the more difficult it would get
  • Have a long-term plan for your studies and be systematic

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rahul30642 9 months ago

I also got 85.2 % in cbse board exams

Abhinav84998 Yha baj
2 months ago
Ankur6465 7 months ago

I m in 12th now , please give me a study plan for jee & suggest efficient books for it

Manmeet Kaur50173 Hi,

Guidelines for engineering entrance exam :

* To ace the exam, you require the right approach along with the right study materials and strategy.

* Stay focused. Plan your preparation after knowing your strengths and weaknesses. You need to be organized and follow a time-table.

* You may refer to numerous guide books and join coaching center to work on your fundamentals.

Some of the institutes offering coaching are :

-Brilliant Tutorials
-Aakash Institute
-Aspire Learning
-FIITJEE Institute
-AIMS Education

For more, you may refer to the link mentioned below.

While selecting the best institute, you need to check some of the important parameters such as batch size, faculty, fee etc.

* When you get a grip over the basic syllabus, you may refer to mock tests / previous year’s question papers to analyze your preparation and performance before the final exam.

In a nutshell, the strategy for success must include early, continuous and serious preparation.

All the Best!
7 months ago
Gokularajan Hi,
I Am a Student of FIITJEE and i would like to suggest some books for IIT-JEE Preparation.
Mathematics - Objective Approach to IIT JEE by R D Sharma is better with all kinds and concepts of Problems R D Sharma has also written a book for board exams.
Physics- S L Arora for board preparation and H C Verma and D C pandey for IIT JEE
Chemistry - Your NCERT Books are much better for boards and for organic solomons' or ranjeet shahi's book is better
inorganic-J D Lee
physical -Ranjeet Shahi is Excellent.
4 months ago
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