CGC JOSH 2024 Syllabus: Check Section-wise Exam Syllabus Here

CGC Jhanjheri Open Scholarship for Higher Education 2024 ( CGC JOSH )

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CGC has prescribed the syllabus for CGC JOSH 2024 exam. Candidates appearing for the exam must check the syllabus for CGC JOSH 2024 exam before preparing. The syllabus helps the candidates to know the important topics to be covered.

CGC JOSH 2024 Syllabus for Section A

Subjects Syllabus
Basic English 1. Comprehension
2. Transformation of Sentences
3. Voice (Active and Passive)
4. Agreement of Subject and Verb
5. Rearrangement of sentences
6. Synonym and Antonym
7. Error detection
8. Idioms and phrases
9. Punctuation and Articles
10. Tenses
11. Clauses and phrase
Basic Computers

1. Fundamentals of information Technology.
2. Elements of Computer System:
3. Computer Hardware and Software,
4. Computer Organization.
5. CPU: Memory Input Devices, Output Devices, Storage Devices, and Communication Devices

6. Multimedia Devices
7. Operating systems and internet

General Knowledge 1. Sports
2. Current Affairs
3. topics related to sports,
4. national and international awards, 
5. current banking news, government schemes, 
6. politics, 
7. economy
Quantitatuve Aptitude 1. Problems on Age
2. Averages, Mean, Median and Mode
3. Discount
4. Number Series and number system
5. LCM and HCF
6. Permutation and Combinations
7. Points, lines and angles
8. Probability
9. Profit and Loss
10. Ratio and Proportions
11. Simple and Compound Interest
12. Time and Work

CGC JOSH 2024 Syllabus: Section B

Science (with Mathematics or Biology)
Subjects Syllabus
Physics 1. Measurement
2. Kinematics and Laws of Motion
3. Work, Energy and Power
4. Rotational Motion
5. Thermodynamics
6. Oscillations and Waves
7. Electrostatics
8. Current Electricity
9. Magnetism and Electromagnetic induction 
10. Optics
Chemistry 1. States of matter
2. Atomic structure, Chemical bonding and 
molecular structure
3. Chemical Thermodynamics
4. Redox reactions and electrochemistry
5. Classification of elements and periodicity in 
6. General principles and processes of isolation of 
7. Hydrogen
8. s, p , d and f block elements
9. Co-ordination compounds
10. Hydrocarbons
11. Organic compounds containing halogens
12. Organic compounds containing oxygen
13. Organic compounds containing nitrogen
14. Polymers

1. Sets, Relations and Functions
2. Complex numbers and Quadratic 
3. Matrices and Determinants
4. Permutations and Combinations
5. Sequence and Series

6. Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
7. Integral Calculus
8. Differential Equations
9. Co-ordinate Geometry
10. Vector Algebra
11. Trigonometry


1. Biological Classification
2. Cell- The basic Unit of Life
3. Cell Cycle & Division
4. Plant Physiology
5. Human Physiology
6. Genetics & Evolution

7. Ecology & Environment
8. Human Health & Disease
9. Microbes in Human Welfare
10. Biotechnology & its Applications

Subjects Syllabus
  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Book Keeping 
    Basic Accounting terms
  3. Users of accounting information
  4. Accounting Concepts and Conventions
  5. The Accounting Equation:Types and Nature of Accounts
  6. Accounting process: Journal; Ledger, Subsidiary Books; Trial Balance.
  7. Depreciation: Methods of charging depreciation (WDV & SLM)
  8. Preparation of Final Accounts: Trading and Profit & Loss Account and Balance 
  9. Accounting for Non Profit Organizations
Business Studies
  1. Principles of Management
  2. Business Environment
  3. Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling
  4. Financial Management
  5. Financial Markets
  6. Marketing Management
  7. Consumer Protection
  1. Demand
  2. Supply
  3. Production Function
  4. Cost
  5. Revenue
  6. Market Structures
  7. National Income and Related Aggregates
  8. Money and Banking
  9. Determination of Income and Employment
  10. Government Budget and the Economy
  11. Balance of Payments
Subjects Syllabus
Political Science
  1. Contemporary World-Politics
  2. Cold War Era
  3. The End of bipolarity
  4. Alternative centres of Power
  5. Contemporary South Asia
  6. International Organizations
  7. Security in Contemporary World
  8. Environment and Natural Resources
  9. Globalization
  10. Politics in India since Independence
  11. Challenges of Nation-Building
  12. Era of One-Party Dominance
  13. Politics of Planned Development
  14. India’s External Relations
  15. Challenges to the Congress System
  16. Crisis of the Democratic order
  17. Rise of Popular Movements
  18. Regional Aspirations
  19. Indian Politics 
  1. Human Geography: Nature and Scope
  2. Population change-spatial patterns, structure and determinants
  3. Human Activities
  4. Human Settlements
  5. India: People and Economy
  6. Resources and Development
  7. Geographical Perspective on selected issues and problems
  8. The largest country in each continent in terms of area
  9. Areas of subsistence gathering, Mega cities of the world – Tokyo, Delhi, Shanghai,
  10. Mumbai, Sao Paulo, State with highest level of urbanization and lowest level of Urbanization
  11. Leading producing states.
  1. The Story of the First Cities: Harappan Archaeology
  2. Political and Economic History: How Inscriptions tell a story
  3. Social Histories: Using the Mahabharata
  4. A History of Buddhism: Sanchi Stupa
  5. Agrarian Relations: The Ain-i- Akbari, The Mughal Court: Reconstructing Histories through Chronicles
  6. New Architecture: Religious Histories: The Bhakti
  7. Sufi Tradition
  8. Medieval Society through Travelers' Accounts
  9. Representations of 1857
  10. Colonialism and Indian Towns: Town Plans and Municipal Reports
  11. Mahatma Gandhi through Contemporary Eyes
  12. Partition through Oral Sources
  13. The Making of the Constitution

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