Expected Questions in UCEED 2023 Drawing Section

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Updated on Jan 18, 2023 18:46 IST

By Shaun D'Sa

IIT Bombay will conduct the UCEED 2023 exam on January 22, 2023. Go through expected questions as well as tips to ace the drawing section of UCEED exam below.

Expected Questions in UCEED Drawing Section

The UCEED exam is scheduled to take place on January 22, 2023; UCEED first introduced the drawing/ subjective evaluation question for the exam in 2021.

UCEED exam pattern is such that Part A exam is for 240 Marks (out of a total of 300 Marks) and the time allotted for it is 2 hours and 30 minutes. UCEED Part A is the aptitude section of the paper.

In Part B of UCEED 2023, there would be one sketching question for 60 marks to be answered in the last 30 minutes of the exam, The questions for Part B will be displayed on the computer screen which students would have to sketch in the answer booklet provided.

What kind of questions can you expect in UCEED 2023 drawing section?

All regular questions for the UCEED Part B test could fall under the following categories

Fine art question- This is a test for pure fine art skills, for example: Draw your hand holding a pencil, draw a person sitting on a chair, still life drawings of bottles, etc. This mainly tests your basic fine art skills for perspective, human, animal, textures, shade, and shadow, etc.

Creative thinking question- This is more like an applied art question which tests your creative thinking ability along with your sketching skills for example - You have magic beans in your hand and you through them out of your bedroom window and you get up in the morning and see something mesmerizing. These questions can be open-ended and real fun to answering, you could showcase your full creative potential in these types of questions. Also, some random lines or shapes can be given and you should generate some doodles or sketches completing those lines.

Graphic question- These can be like 2D graphic questions asking you to draw posters, book covers, murals, etc, For example, Design a poster to promote awareness to reduce the carbon footprint

Creative writing- Writing can also be a part of questions, where a student could be asked to write a caption, complete a story, write their opinion for example - write a short story based on some objects/ characters given and sketch a scene of that story or an image could be shown and you could be asked to write the mood the image creates for you.

Observation type- Here you could be asked many used for a pencil other than writing or given half an image or an object you would have to identify or complete the rest of the part of that object.

Aptitude type sketch questions- This is where aptitude can be combined with sketching, For example, a surface development of a cube can be shown with certain shapes on each face, you have to imagine when the cube is put together or joined to form a 3D form, you have to draw that cube with the correct orientation of all the shapes on the correct surfaces.

Design problem type- This could be a popular type of question in which a design problem is given and a solution has to suggested for example - Design a two-wheeler ambulance for rural areas, or develop a phone-based app for farmers so that their products can be directly sold to the market cutting out the middle agents.

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UCEED Question Papers

UCEED 2023: Tips for Drawing

  • Read the questions carefully and understand the type of question asked
  • Understand the intent of the question asked to make sure your solution answers the main purpose of the question asked
  • Time is critical - you sketch fast and finish your answer in the given time - this comes with extensive practice
  • Do not colour unless asked or only if you have time at the end
  • Take all your drawing materials with you / materials you are comfortable with
  • Make sure you are well practiced with all your basic fine art
  • Don’t hesitate to give bold, very out of the box solutions especially for the creative thinking 2D graphic/ design problem type questions
  • Be yourself with your answers
  • Enjoy the drawing section- it is fun!

Apart from this, candidates should also pay attention to the below mentioned UCEED exam tips:

  • Read the Important instructions on your UCEED admit card
  • Go early to your exam center
  • Don’t forget to take your Admit card especially a colour print - keep this ready a day in advance
  • Take your ID proof as mentioned in the admit card
  • Pencils, sketch pens, poster colours, and other drawing material are permitted

As I mentioned, the sketching part of the exam is actually very interesting and can be good fun. All the very best!

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