How to prepare for TANCET 2022: Computer Awareness

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TANCET 2022 will be conducted in the month of June across 15 cities in pen and paper mode. Candidates targetting TANCET MCA can refer to this article for Computer Awareness preparation.

TANCET MCA Preparation

TANCET MCA Preparation for Computer Awareness

TANCET 2022 is all set to be held in June across 15 cities in Tamil Nadu. With just over a month remaining for the exam, the candidates must start focused exam preparation. Candidates appearing for the TANCET MCA exam can gain a quick score in the Computer Awareness section, given they go for it in a planned way. As compared to other sections, Computer Awareness consumes less time and could be helpful in clearing the overall TANCET cut off. Traditionally, the difficulty level of questions in this section of the TANCET exam has been easy to moderate. In this article, we will be focusing on preparation tips for the Computer Awareness section of the TANCET MCA exam.

TANCET Exam Pattern Highlights

The Computer Awareness section is only a part of the TANCET MCA syllabus. This section will have 25 questions carrying one mark each. TANCET exam pattern for Computer Awareness has been shared in the table below:





Mode of TANCET Exam


Name of section

Computer Awareness



Type of Question


Total Marks


Books for TANCET: Computer Awareness

Candidates can refer to the books listed below for preparation for the Computer Awareness section of TANCET 2022.



Computer Awareness for General Competitive Exam

Soumya Ranjan/BK Publications

Objective Computer Awareness

R.Pillai/Arihant Experts

Lucent’s Computer

Rani Ahilya

TANCET Syllabus for Computer Awareness

Candidates should thoroughly cover every topic mentioned in the TANCET MCA syllabus of Computer Awareness. We have listed all the key topics of Computer Awareness in the table below:

Computer Awareness

Computer Hardware, Controls, Basic Terminology, Computer Generations, Internet & Protocols, Computer Fundamentals, Network Basics, Computer Abbreviations, Security Tools, Shortcuts, History of Computer, Memory, File Extension, Computer Viruses, Computer Organization, Input-Output tools, Computer Architecture, Languages and Algorithms, Data Processing Cycle, Database Management Systems,

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How to prepare Computer Awareness for TANCET 2022: Quick Tips

Have an organised approach:  Candidates should devote at least an hour to Computer Awareness preparation every day. They can divide the syllabus in parts and set achievable targets within the prescribed time limit. To achieve the maximum in minimum possible time, candidates should ensure that every study session remains productive. Also, candidates should spare some extra time for topics that require more clarity. They can refer to TANCET study material or take the guidance of a  teacher for solving conceptual problems.

Understand how it works: Rather than mugging up the key points and topics in the TANCET MCA syllabus for Computer Awareness, candidates should first try to understand its functionalities. Suppose, we are learning about nodes in a computer network, our focus should be on understanding how it works. Once we get to know about its functioning, it will be easier for us to identify its components and its overall utility.

Stick to the syllabus: It is important for aspirants to stick to the TANCET syllabus for Computer Awareness preparation and they should try to cover it within a defined time limit. Going for advanced level preparation books in the last few days to TANCET may complicate things and could be counter-productive, especially during the preparation period.

Prepare a list of terminologies and abbreviations: Candidates should make a list of all the important terminologies and abbreviations that they come across during Computer Awareness preparation. They should make a habit of going through the entire list every alternate day, until the TANCET exam day.

Focus on accuracy: Candidates should focus on answering questions with maximum accuracy. Since the TANCET question paper also has a provision for negative marking, candidates ought to be doubly sure before attempting any question. It can only be achieved by constant practice and self-improvement.

Practice Mocks: Practising mocks and previous year TANCET question papers can hugely improve the performance of candidates in the upcoming examination. Listed below are the benefits of practising mocks:

  • Candidates who have practised mocks can smoothly navigate through this section scoring high marks
  • Some questions in the Computer Awareness section are repeated every few years. Candidates who have practised mocks will have an advantage here
  • Candidates can efficiently manage the time factor if they have practised a good number of mocks.

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