NIPER JEE 2023: List of Best Books to Prepare and Last Minute Tips

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Nidhi Gupta
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Updated on Sep 23, 2022 19:14 IST

When it comes to selecting the best books for NIPER JEE 2023, aspirants must bear certain aspects in mind, as this is one of the most critical variables that will aid candidates in their preparation. Below is the list of best books for NIPER JEE exam.

While choosing the best books for NIPER JEE 2023, the aspirants must be conscious of certain factors, as this is one of the most important factors that will help candidates in their preparation. In their search for admission to their preferred NIPER JEE 2023 participating college, NIPER JEE candidates will benefit greatly from good books and adequate study tools. Finding suitable study materials for the entrance test is difficult since there are numerous unsuitable books and study materials accessible that might hamper a candidate's chances of clearing the NIPER JEE 2023 cutoff.

Books that claim to give authentic content may or may not provide relevant information about the topics required to pass the NIPER JEE 2023 entrance exam. Such publications, on the other hand, have a propensity to mislead applicants by giving inaccurate or irrelevant information.

It is a well-known fact that candidates who seek help from the best books for NIPER JEE 2023 will obtain excellent marks and ranks in the entrance exam. Applicants should also avoid choosing books that contain irrelevant content. Consequently,

Aspirants should ask themselves a few questions regarding the best books for NIPER JEE 2023 before starting their preparation for the crucial entrance exam.

How to Choose the Best Books for the NIPER JEE 2023 Exam

The suggestions below will undoubtedly assist applicants in their quest for the top books for NIPER JEE 2023:

  • When purchasing books for NIPER JEE 2023, applicants should evaluate the pricing and substance of the book to see if it is worth the money they are paying
  • Candidates should always pick books with up-to-date information and substance if they want to do well in NIPER JEE 2023
  • Candidates should select books from reputable writers and publishers since they will always give the candidates with accurate counsel and useful information
  • The greatest resources required by applicants to ace an entrance exam like NIPER JEE 2023 will be found in books having a recent release year stamped on them
  • Choosing books that offer a sufficient number of NIPER JEE previous years' papers and practise test papers will be quite beneficial throughout the entrance examination preparation phases.

Best Books for NIPER JEE 2023 Preparation

The following is a list of highly suggested books for NIPER JEE 2023 preparation that candidates should read in order to achieve good results:

Book Name

Name of Author/Publishing House


Rang and Dale

Organic Chemistry

Morrison Boyd

Advanced Organic Chemistry

Bahl and Bahl

Pharmaceutical Bioassays


Mass Spectroscopy



U Satyanarayana and Lehninger

Medicinal Chemistry

Williams and Lemke


U Satyanarayana

Elementary Organic Spectroscopy

YR Sharma

Analytical Chemistry

Garry Christen

Last-Minute NIPER JEE 2023 Tips

The books will help the candidate to prepare well for the exam but besides preparation, there are many other things the candidate should keep in mind. Candidates can review the following NIPER JEE 2023 last-minute tips in pointers:

  • Before NIPER JEE 2023, aspirants must not begin anything new, such as new chapters or subjects.
  • Aspirants should concentrate more in the last two weeks on the areas where they are confident and powerful.
  • Aspirants should not put themselves under unnecessary stress by studying for longer hours the day before the exam.
  • Aspirants must be realistic while evaluating their abilities.
  • All formulae should be reviewed, and all key concepts and theories should be memorised.
  • Before the tests, candidates should have a decent night's sleep.
  • Candidates should be confident in their abilities and preparedness.
  • Aspirants must prepare ahead of time by gathering important papers and items that they will require for the entrance examination.

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