Career after 12th Commerce

Bachelor of  Economics

Description: This covers Banking & Finance & other major corporate industries. Job available - Sales Analyst, Customer Profit Analyst &, etc. Duration: 3 years Average Salary - 3 - 4.5 LPA.

Bachelor of  Accounting & Finance

Description: Provides knowledge of accounting & financial subjects. Job available: Audit Manager or an investment banker. Duration: 3 years Average salary - 1-10LPA.

Bachelor of Commerce in Banking & Insurance

Description: It composes of theoretical subjects dealing with Banking & Insurance.   Job available - Banks, investments, the insurance industry, savings & loan associations, &, etc. Duration: 3 years Average salary - 2 - 20LPA.

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Market

Description: Bonds, Stocks, and commodities can be traded through this mechanism. Job available - Treasurer, Finance Officer, Risk Manager, etc. Duration: 3-year Average salary - 3-10LPA.

Bachelor of Law

Description: The Bar Council of India regulates the LLB program, which covers topics — Company Law, Family Law, etc. Duration: 5 years Job available: Real Estate Lawyer, Judge, Legal Assistant, etc. Average salary - 3.5LPA

Bachelor of Business Administration

Description: It provides knowledge about business principles & business administration. Job available: business management, accounting, quantitative techniques for management &, etc. Duration: 3 years Average salary 4LPA

Chartered Accountancy

Description: You will learn subjects like, tax laws, taxation, corporate law, business laws, & auditing. Job available - Internal Auditing, Forensic Auditing, Tax Auditing, Forensic Auditing &, etc. Duration: 5 years Average salary 7LPA.

BCom in Accounting

Description: The course includes Indian Financial System, Financial Management, CMA, Economics, etc. Duration: 3 years Jobs available: Chartered Accountant, Financial Risk Analyst, Business Owner, etc. Average salary 2.5LPA.

Cost & Management Accountant

Description: Students must demonstrate expertise in all subjects i.e., BMS, Eco, Accounts, Management, B.Sc., etc. Duration: 3 years Jobs available: Business Firms, Banking & Financial Sector, etc. Average Salary 7.2 LPA.

BCom (Honours)

Description: This course teaches business, accounting, marketing, & other related subjects. Duration: 3 years Job available: Financial Analyst, Payroll Administrator, Accounts Officer, etc. Average Salary 6-8 LPA.

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