Digital Marketing is one of the best career options after graduation. In recent times, every organization needs a digital marketer to promote its products.

Top Employers: Internet Companies, Agencies Avg. Salary Range: 1 to 12.9 LPA

Access to internet and smartphones have taken the world by storm. Companies have shifted their focus on developing mobile apps. It is a smart career choice, and you can earn tons of money through it.

Top Employers: IT Firms Avg. Salary Range: 1.5 to 13.8 LPA

One of the fastest growing roles are that of Data scientists that are projected to grow by 28%. The jobs require expertise in SQL, Big Data, Statistics, Machine Learning, Python along with hands-on experience in marketing.

Top Employers: Banks, Financial Institutions, FinTech Avg. Salary Range: 4.4 to 25 LPA

With organizations embracing the digital revolution, the need for UI/UX Designers will keep on rising. If you’re looking for a lucrative and exciting career path UI/UX can be your option.

Top Employers: IT-Software / Internet / E-commerce Companies Avg. Salary Range: 2 to 16 LPA

This field of work is high paying and comes with ample space for growth and development, thanks to the modern high-end technologies. Managers are responsible for the brand – from its sales, marketing to client relationships.

Top Employers: Information Technology, Telecom Avg. Salary Range: 3.9 to 25.8 LPA

In current times, there has been a remarkable growth in the field of biotech. Several biotechnological products can be lifesaving. As more biotech organizations mature, this industry would experience booming in its profitability.

Top Employers: Pharma, R&D, Medical Institutions Avg. Salary Range: 2.5 to 9.6 LPA

In the recent era of advertising, the demand for the copywriters has increased phenomenally. Copywriters are individuals with the flair for writing to communicate the brand's resourcefulness to boost sale.

Top Employers: Advertising and marketing agencies, E-commerce Avg. Salary Range: 1.8 to 11 LPA

With the increasing business opportunities, demand for PR experts is increasing. Working in PR is all about managing your client’s reputation, excellent communication skills, exceptional relationship building skills, and good organizational skills.

Top Employers: PR Agencies Avg. Salary Range: 1.6 to 8 LPA

Knowledge and skills in Machine Learning and AI can result in a very bright career ahead. Some real-life implications of machine learning are chatbots, search engine result refinement, video surveillance, etc.

Top Employers: IT Firms, Tech Start-ups Avg. Salary Range: 3.2 to 23 LPA

Interior designing can be an attractive career option for anyone who has a creative soul. To start a career in interior designing a basic understanding about the work is required. This can be obtained by going for an interior designing course.

Top Employers: Architectural Firms, Interior Designers Avg. Salary Range: 1.1 to 7.1 LPA

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