Which is better?

Coursera Offers 11 Different Categories, but Udemy Wins By Sheer Course Numbers.

Course Offerings

Udemy offers 100,000 video courses from 42,000 instructors in over 50 languages.

Coursera offers more than 2,000 courses in over 30 languages, from 150 accredited universities.


Udemy is possibly the most popular e-learning community worldwide. More than 300 million students have joined the platform.

Coursera focuses on partnerships with Universities and Corporations and has over 150 million course enrolments.

Subject Offerings

You can find Udemy courses on almost anything you like to learn. These courses include: language, technology, business, entrepreneurship, health & fitness, games, arts, music, photography or yoga.

Coursera focuses more on academic subjects and courses. Some of the courses include: computer science, data science, social sciences, life sciences, business, arts and humanities, information technology, math and logic, personal development.

Subject Offerings

On Udemy, anybody can teach so, there’s no quality control. You must be diligent when choosing courses.

While on Coursera, only professional educators, and experts teach courses. The courses are partnered with accredited universities.

Instructor Experience


Udemy courses are affordable and are mostly on sale, most courses are offered for less than $10.

Courses on Coursera vary greatly in price – anywhere from $29 to $25,000.

Course Structure

On Udemy, courses are self-led and come with lifetime access.

On Coursera, courses are structured. You’ll get hands-on guidance, follow a syllabus, and receive instructor feedback.

Community Forums

On Udemy, there is no community forum support. Coursera offers community forum support.

Udemy is a great resource for boosting skills, but you wouldn’t necessarily put its courses on your resume.

Courses on Coursera are associated with universities, so the digital certificates can be shared on a resume.

Program Credibility

Associated Universities

175+ leading universities are delivering transformative learning experiences on Coursera. Some of them are:

Udemy - Best Use Case

Use Udemy if you want more of a budget option that helps you to learn new skills. - Udemy can be better for someone with easy and relaxed learning. - Udemy is suited for those people who like a personalized course recommendation, depending on their current job.

Coursera - Best Use Case

Go for Coursera if you are looking for courses from well-known universities. - You can prefer Coursera if you like more traditional courses and timelines. - Coursera is suited if you are seeking to get a certificate from an accredited institution.

Both Coursera and Udemy provide worthwhile learning experiences. It depends to your requirements which one will be best for you. As long as you choose the best learning option, you’ll also walk away with a new skill under your belt.