What is a Data Scientist?

The data scientist is a professional that gathers and analyses huge sets of unstructured and unorganised data.

Proficient in executing computer science, statistical and mathematical operations, data scientists interpret the results of data processing modeling and analysis to make actionable business plans.

Data Scientist Salary in India

Data scientist salary in India ranges between 4.5L to 25.0L, with an average annual salary of 10.8L. Salary estimates are based on 12.8K salaries received from data scientists.

Data Scientist Salary Based on Experience

Data scientist salary in India with less than one year of experience to 8 years ranges from 4.5L to 25.0L with an average annual salary of 10.8L based on 12.8 K salaries.

Data Scientist Salary Based on Company

A data scientist can avail almost every working business. The highest-paid data scientist expectedly works in leading tech companies.

Internet 15.6L per year

Top Paying Industries For Data Scientists

Software product 15.4L per year

Financial services 14.2L per year

Analytics / KPO /Research 11.9L per year

IT Services & Consulting 10.0L per year

Data Scientist Salary on Skills

Data scientists who code 8 to 10 hours a week get a higher salary package as compared to the data scientists who do not code at all.

Some technical skills that can affect your senior data scientist salary.

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