Among 580 million Indians (Aged 5-24), only 250 enrolled in schools. This states that 36% of the population is young and learning. Like other sectors, the education sector has also seen post-Covid online evolution. Being a huge market, the online education industry is all set to grow by 11 .6 billion with an eternal solution.

Career-oriented  or Outcome-based learning

The universal presence of mobile data and the high-quality learning using digital platforms for better quality education to be delivered across the world. People were restoring too much faster and more ROI-led means Of obtaining these skills and experiences that can help them to secure employment or to grow in any industry.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The effect of AI and ML in edtech is grown by over 47% between 2017-21. The capability of these technologies to automate the basic activities like grading, Communication, queries, feedback, evaluation, and progress improves the overall experience of users.

Increased Investments and Adoption

The edtech industry continues to expand, innovate and adopt modern technologies. Hybrid learning is the future of education!

AR and VR Will Become More Mainstream

Interactive learning platforms empower & enable both students and teachers to enjoy the classroom experience with air. Because of this technology, educationalists can expand the world of a classroom by adding videos and graphics, making it interesting and interactive for the students.

Mobile as a Key to Boosting Learning Capabilities

Mobile was the reason for disruption in a learner’s life before 2020. But now, it looks like more teachers will be leveraging mobile to deliver and assess Learning by 2025. 2020 taught that learning can be engaging and fun when it is done via devices and apps for conducting tests, assigning work and submitting assignments, etc.

Classrooms Will Eventually Develop

Educational technology will change the classroom environment and institutes will evolve to accommodate the technology in upcoming years. Education powered via technology has become multifaceted, Flexible, inclusive, and affordable.


Teachers can let their students search the web for particular information that is of relevance through WebQuests. They are a great way to integrate the world wide web into an institutional curriculum. They also help students to research diverse topics.

Blended online mentorship programmes

Students now can prepare for their competitive exams with recorded lectures and save their time and money. Online mentorship programmes are going popular for 1:1 Learning experiences. You can now prepare for your IIT-JEE, NEET-UGC, GATE, or UPSC-CSE exams effortlessly.

A Class Web Page

This is directed to class teachers and facilitators. Plus, webpages are the modern face of the classroom. Students can revise updates, announcements, and other classroom essentials to an exclusive webpage. You can use webs.com – which gives free and premium Web services.