How does

recommend products?

Amazon is known for its accurate recommendations in the online store.

It uses AI algorithms and Machine Learning to improve customer experience and increase sales.

Amazon's algorithm selects recommended products for each user based on their previous purchases, interactions, and ratings of other items on display.

What is the Amazon Algorithm?

Use of AI in Sales?

Personalization on E-Commerce improves relationships with customers.

Amazon's recommendation algorithm is a key element in using AI to improve the personalization of the website.

Amazon Personalization Tool

It automatically analyses data, optimizes the model based on the data, and implements the model to generate real-time recommendations.

A9 Algorithm

The A9 algorithm analyses and classifies individual brands and products on the platform and offer relevant and personalized search results to its customers.

Sales due to recommendations

Sales Due To Recommendations

According to the McKinsey study, up to 35% of Amazon's sales are generated thanks to the product recommendation algorithm.


Important benefits of personalized recommendations that we see on Amazon include:

Amazon's Algorithm – Summary

Amazon's algorithm is probably the most complex and effective in the E-Commerce market.

It is responsible for a large proportion of sales.

It improves customer experience and presents recommendation in real time through AI and Machine Learning.

AI technology and Machine Learning can make seemingly impossible task easy.

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