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Machine Learning is Helping in Fighting

real-world applications of Machine learning combating  COVID-19

Early warning

BlueDot, an AI platform, flagged COVID-19 based on clusters of “unusual pneumonia”, even before WHO's announcement

Prediction of infection

 EpiRisk, a predictive tool can estimate  the chances of infected individuals  spreading COVID-19 via air travel

i-Drones by ICMR transport COVID-19 vaccines in Remote locations OF NORTH eastern  India & Andaman & Nicobar

Vaccine Delivery by drones

Hospital supplies delivery

Zipline deployed its  autonomous aircraft to deliver medical supplies to the US hospitals


Center for Disease Control and Prevention & the WHO used chatbots in response to chronic health issues in COVID patients

 Robots were deployed at Shenzhen hospital, China to disinfect the premises and interact with patients

Frontline Healthcare By Robots

WeBank, an online bank used ML & data mining to explore satellite, GPS, & social data to track Chinese economic recovery

Monitor Economic Recovery

How Machine Learning Can Help Us Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic?