How Technology will change our life by 2030

Personal devices will know more about our emotions than our families

Source: Gartner

By 2022

By 2022

ABBA's first ever hologram world tour concert

Source: Press Articles

By 2023

eVTOL certified for commercial launch

Source: EASA

By 2024

There will be more voice assistants than the entire population on the planet

Source: Jupiterresearch

By 2025

As many as 2 Billion people could have their genomes sequenced

Source: The Hutch Report

By 2028

5G mobile networks could reach their full capacity and 6G will be needed

Source: IDC, Ericsson

By 2029

Humans could become "immortal" and live forever

Source: Ray Kurzweil

By 2030

We will spend more time in the "Metaverse" than the real world

Source: Ray Kurzweil