Who is a DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps engineer is an IT professional who works with developers, system admin, and other IT staff. They have the knowledge of Software Development Life-Cycle Process. Some roles and responsibilities are given below:

Programming Knowledge

Debugging code and integrating database changes or automation of development and deployment process or any other are essential elements of the job. A DevOps engineer has to be proficient with the programming and scripting languages.

Understanding of Linux & OS Concepts

Linux is highly advised by many companies to use. It is important to have a knowledge of major OS concepts like programming management, I/O management, threads & concurrency and memory management.

Knowledge of software  configuration and  deployment

A DevOps engineer must have knowledge of all the processes from consideration to deployment. It is required to automate the deployment process and other tasks to enhance reliability, consistency and the number of accurate deliveries.

Familiar with infrastructure  as code

It is the practice to make a Deployment process easier and automate to generate the desired environment. It lets you manage your IT infrastructure using the configuration files. There are various tools commonly used like Azure resources manager, Terraform, Saltstack & more.

Understanding of  CI/CD platform

Continuous integration is with the integration of code into the branch of the repository with the cost reduction, efficient working, etc. Continuous delivery automates a validated code’s release to the repository. Tools for CI/CD like Jenkins, CircleCI, GitLab etc. are used.

Networking and security

It is required to deal with various servers, connections, data transfer,etc. A DevOps engineer needs to be concerned with the security environment of the organisation. They can introduce several security policies for the organisation, manage and control the network access, automate the security processes, etc.

Knowledge of automation,  monitoring,  and other tools

Automation is the task of source code management or configuration and deployment or any other. The required DevOps tools are Git, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Ansible etc. Getting feedback helps to increase the efficiency of workflow. There are various monitoring tools for the DevOps engineer like Nagios, Splunk etc.

Cloud providers and services

DevOps engineers need to understand cloud technology, its requirements and its benefits. Focus on several topics like cloud formation and architecture, cloud service model, deployment models, virtualisation and cloud computing etc. There are various companies that offer cloud services like Google cloud platform, Amazon Web services, Microsoft, Azure etc.

DevOps Engineer Salary in India

The average salary for a DevOps engineer in India is 6 lakhs per year.

DevOps Engineer Soft Skills

A DevOps Engineer has to act as a main mediator and collaborate with different IT teams for effective functions to work on various soft skills like:

DevOps Engineer  certifications  for best opportunities

There are various DevOps certifications that will enhance your career opportunities.

Advance your IT career as a DevOps Engineer