Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are visual storytellers. They create everything from posters and packaging to logos and animations. They are an essential part of the advertising efforts of a brand.


Learn Graphic Design Basics

To become a Graphic Designer, you first need to understand graphic design principles that include elements such as:

All of these elements impact a design and can shape how audience feels.

Enroll In a Course

Start with free graphic design courses to learn basics and gradually you can take paid courses.

All of these elements impact a design and can shape how an audience feels.

You can even pursue degree/ diploma or certification courses in visual communication from design colleges like NIFT, NID and more.

Setup Setup Setup!

As a Graphic Designer, you will require a laptop/PC with good configuration. Other than that, you will also require subscriptions to software and pen tablet for illustrations later on.

Learn Key Graphic Design Tools

Adobe Creative Cloud is the standard for most Graphic Designers. It includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign

Develop Your Skills

After learning graphic design basics, it’s time to practice.

Grow your skills by working on your own projects. Create mock projects or volunteer with local non-profits or brands to gain more experience.

Communication Skills

Communication is the key to better execution of projects. Better and clear communication will help you in understanding client requirements and project briefs better.

Develop a Portfolio

Your portfolio can include projects that you completed for a course, as well as personal or work projects. Focus on quality over quantity.

Develop a digital offline portfolio or upload it on your personal website, on Behance or Dribble.

Follow Design Trends

A simple way to keep up with the trends is to follow well-known graphic designers. Follow them on Instagram, Behance, Pinterest, Dribble etc.

Clients always look for designers who try to adapt and evolve their designs.

Never Stop Learning

Always stay in the “student” mode and never stop learning.

Even if you are well established designer, upgrading your design skill and exploring new trends is always valuable.

You should follow the steps mentioned in this list once you decide to build a career in Graphic Design.

So take your first steps toward becoming a Graphic Designer today!