7 Marketing Lessons to Learn from Billion-Dollar Companies

1) Disrupt yourself before you become disrupted

Smart brands attempt to be omnipresent. The best brands deliver great value. E.g.: Amazon has managed to build many multi-billion-dollar industries while delivering terrific value to consumers.

2) Integrate Your Marketing Efforts

Consistent branding is the key. The best brands combine digital and social media marketing. Don't just focus only on social channels. E.g.: Zomato equally uses email marketing, offline marketing and social media channels for promotions.

3) Have a Clear and Consistent Brand Purpose

Great brands have clearly articulated missions. It must be an extension of the brand’s functionality. E.g.: Volvo returned to its emphasis on safety, a genuine purpose that helped drive sales

4) User Experience is a Key Differentiator

Customers are looking for a flawless, experience and typically have little patience when the experience is less than perfect. Just look at the amount of business lost by traditional cable companies (that had terrible customer service).

5) Innovation and a Higher Purpose Attract Users

Brands that innovate appeal most to the young generation. This is a global trend. E.g: Innovations done by Lenskart by introducing AI feature "3D TRY-ON ONLY" in its app among other product developments has provided it an edge over its competitors.

6) Be Local rather than Multinational

Interesting cultural trends are pushing local brands above successful global companies.

In India, for example, consumers feel that local brands better understand and respond to the country’s rich diversity. One such example is of Mama Earth.

7) Not all Customers are the Same

The best brands understand that marketing messages must be customized to each generation. Marketing to Baby Boomers, for example, is different from marketing to Gen Z.

Marketing is never, ever, a “one and done” process. What works today may not work tomorrow and hence focus on constantly learning and improving.