Top 10 Questions to ask at the end of an Interview

Can you elaborate on the  Day-to-Day Responsibilities  of this job?

This question helps you to learn about the role so that you can decide if this job is for you. By learning more about the day to day task, you will also gain about the required skills.

What is the  Company Culture like?

This question shows your seriousness about the job. Also, it shows that finding the right fit is important to you during job search.

What is your Favourite  Thing about working for this company?

Asking about personal experience will give you insight into the company‘s culture and create a bond with the interviewer. 

It could tell you about best aspects of working for the company.

What differentiates you from your main Competitor?

Asking the interviewer about it will give you some insider information you might not have found through a Google search.

How do you see this company evolving over the Next 5 Years?

This question shows your interest in the future of the company and how your professional growth will line up with the company's projected growth.

How does this company help Its employees Grow Professionally?

This question indicates your interest in growing with the organisation. It also shows how much or how little the business invests in its employees.

How do you think the company Defines and Demonstrates its value?

This question shows that you’ve researched the company and want to know if it will line up with your own values. It also shows that you want to understand the internal working of the company before joining it.

What are your expectations from a new hire in the First 30 to 60 days?

This question shows your initiative. Ask about the expectations from a new employee before you even get hired. It indicates that you are willing to do a good job.

What qualities and attributes make for a Successful Employee in the company?

This question expresses that you are determined to succeed and that you want to be sure you will be a good fit for the company.

Who do you consider your Top Competitor, and Why?

You will get an idea of the major competitors from your research, but asking the interviewers for their thoughts can be useful for more insight that can’t be found anywhere else.

Hope you have learnt something useful from these top 10 questions that you should ask at the end of an interview.