Email marketing tools are applications that help in creating, sending, and optimizing emails.

They also measure the performance of email campaigns and help in creating reports.


These tools can be free or paid but most of them have common features such as:

1. Email automation for different stages of the buyer’s journey. 2. Professionally designed email templates for your business niche. 3. Drag-and-drop editors.

Mailchimp is a leader in email marketing tool. It provides you features such as:

1. Email creation and scheduling. 2. Smart recommendations feature that     provides valuable audience insights. 3. Email designing using content manager,    where you can store your images and files.

HubSpot recently launched a free email marketing tool. HubSpot’s free email tool is easy to use. Its drag-and-drop visual editor comes with ready-made templates.

Its integration with other HubSpot tools, provides access to both tools so that you can create a centralized contacts database and manage and track email performance.  

Sendinblue features both email marketing tools and functions such as customer relationship management and landing page creation.

With over 70 design templates, it can easily create a great-looking email.

You can use features like A/B testing and segmented recipient lists to target your ideal audiences.

It is a great option to design responsive emails. You can add and edit the images of your email. You can add effects, stickers and text to the email.

You can even use the code editor to build emails from scratch.

Sender is one of the best free email marketing tools. You can create newsletters without any HTML knowledge from a template and customize it.

You can track who opened your emails and clicked on the links. It helps in building buyer profiles based on your subscriber actions, so  that you can optimize your email strategy.

These tools are among the most popular email marketing tools. They can surely help you if you want to grow your business. Know more about such tools.