Zomato success story - A case study

ZOMATO create content which people not only like but also share again and again

Zomato uses info-graphics in a way which audience can relate too. 96% of the youngsters would relate to this image with ease.

fun Relatable infographics

ZOMATO post on Trump's proposal of building a wall

Targets ‘Hot’ News

Targets  Festivals

ZOMATO's SPECIAL post on Christmas eve

Giving Popular TV Shows 

 a Foodie Twist

Zomato knows how to keep the audience hooked with its powerful branding strategies. They used trendy topics to be the talk-of-the-town

Brand awareness

ZOMATO's creative post for brand awareness CAMPAIGN

Creative ad campaign

zomato uses creative ad campaign to catch audience attention

Search Engine Optimization

Zomato has put a lot of efforts in SEO.

As per Semreush, the organic traffic on Zomato is 50,455,574/month with 801,235 organic keywords.


Zomato runs Ad Campaign using Google AdWords. It targets keywords related to food, ordering online, names of restaurants, etc.  It targets users whose intent is to get food delivered to them. Along with promotions on Facebook and Instagram to target users on it.

1. Create attention-grabbing, creative images 2. Be aware of what’s happening around you  and how you can use it to your advantage – it  may be current news, a controversy, a crisis  situation and so on 3. Engage consumers and provide them with personalized customer service 4. Make use of a debatable topic to draw attention to your brand 5. Make social media posts crisp

Things to learn from

DIgital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy

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