5 Ways to Prepare for the TOEFL iBT Speaking Test


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TOEFL Speaking Tips: The TOEFL Speaking Section measures the candidates’ English speaking ability effectively in an academic environment. The tasks in this section resemble the real-life situations that students run into. In this particular TOEFL iBT Speaking Section, students will be required to speak on an assortment of topics that draw on academic content, campus-based situations, and personal experience.

The total duration of the Speaking section is approximately 20 minutes long and test-takers are required to answer six questions. The Speaking Section of the TOEFL iBT is comprised of Independent Speaking Tasks and Integrated Speaking Tasks.

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  • Independent Speaking Tasks: the first two questions belong to this section, as it requires the student to draw entirely from their own ideas, opinions, and experiences when they respond.
  • Integrated Speaking Tasks: the remaining four questions are categorized under the Integrated Speaking Task and they require the student to integrate their English-language skills—listening and speaking, or listening, reading and speaking—just as they converse during class and outside the classroom.

TOEFL Speaking Tips 2022

In this section, we are going to be talking about the top TOEFL Speaking Tips for students looking to ace their TOEFL exam

  • SPEAK English
  • Record yourself
  • Extempore Speaking
  • Know your Grammar
  • Listen to audiobooks and podcasts

Let us understand the following TOEFL speaking section tips in detail.

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Let the majority of your conversation be in English

If the candidate is looking to appear for an English-speaking test. It is important that the candidate speaks in English. Candidates are encouraged to develop friendships with people who want to speak English. This way, they can help each other out and improve their English by only speaking the language majority of the time.

Record yourself

Candidates can try this simple exercise at home. They should read a paragraph from an academic course book, and practice summarizing the paragraph aloud. Practice several times, and then record your summary. Listen to your summary again a week later. Transcribe what you said, and review your mistakes. You could also take the help of a teacher to give you feedback on your recording.

Extempore Speaking

Extempore speaking is when you are required to speak on a topic on the spot. Candidates could pick up any topic, allow themselves 20 seconds to prepare and then speak on the topic for a minute. The whole exercise should be recorded. this way, the candidate would be able to measure his speaking progress. Extempore speaking helps candidates think on the spot and speak. The topics for the extempore could be anything ranging from family, hobbies and friends to school, cities and countries. You could amp up your training by asking a professional to listen to you and suggest ways to improve.

Know your Grammer

Grammar is the essence of the English language. If your grammar is weak, it would be difficult for you to form sentences, speak or do anything with English. Hence, it is important for candidates to have their grammar in place. Candidates are advised to pay attention to their use of the past tense, study pronunciation, stress and intonation while speaking.

Listen to audiobooks and podcasts

Technology has connected the East with the West. Similarly, candidates can listen to English audiobooks and podcasts over the Internet and practice their English speaking skills. TOEFL aspirants can sign up for an audiobook subscription service or look for free audiobook samples online for this exercise. Through the help of audiobooks and podcasts candidates can even practice speaking about everyday issues relevant to students' lives. 

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TOEFL Speaking Strategies

TOEFL iBT speaking tips: Candidates looking to perform well in their TOEFL iBT are required to try the following activities to build the skills they would require for the Independent Speaking tasks:

  • Students could start by making a list of topics that are familiar to them and practise speaking about them. The topics can include both academic and non-academic topics.
  • As part of a self-exercise, candidates can collect pictures from magazines and newspapers and then describe the same in under one minute. Candidates could further increase the difficulty of the exercise, by describing the same thing multiple times, using different adjectives and adding details.
  • Candidates could also pick up opinion pieces and state an opinion or a preference for or against the topic and present clear, detailed reasons for their choices. In this exercise, candidates should use connecting words or phrases to help explain their opinion.
  • Students could also self-evaluate their TOEFL iBT Speaking Skills by simply thinking about activities related to student life and writing reasons to explain their preferences for the same and speaking on this for one minute.
  • Candidates can also develop the habit of reading newspapers and articles online and expressing their opinions on current affairs to their friends.

Candidates should realize that all the exercises mentioned above will further their goal of performing well in their TOEFL iBT Speaking Section. 

Wishing all TOEFL test takers, All the Best!

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