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Sriya Gupta has a background in the field of Finance and Management. She is an adaptable person with excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Apart from work, she enjoys dancing, painting, and reading. She is also passionate about the stock market, understanding market emotions, and exploring different facets of it. She truly has a multi-faceted personality.

Student Reviews (20)

Verified Reviews collected from Shiksha Study Abroad Counseling Service Users

Rishith varma Sagiraju10/10

Reviewed 24 Aug 23

GRE Score: 308.0

The most responsive and very supportive. Only because of sriya this just happened. Even at the deadline dates she helped me out to get an admission and also the visa mocks helped me a lot. in every stage I got the guidence i think this is only possible here. I am so thankful for the support

Prasad ambekar10/10

Reviewed 04 Aug 23

IELTS Score: 6.5

"Thank you so much for your help with the admission process. I couldn't have done it without you. Your guidance and support really made a difference. I also appreciate the time you took to prepare me for the visa interviews. You're the best!"

Ravi Teja manchala10/10

Reviewed 27 Jun 23

GRE Score: 301.0

Sriya, she is a good mentor, great counsellor. Moreover, she made the whole journey easy from the begging of university application. She used to respond quickly, even on her offs she used to update the information ASAP. Sriya used maintain a regular communication too if any delays from the university she used update that information and she was transparent with my profile. She conducted mock session also even the just before the day of interview. At last thank you so much Sriya for the support from your side and shiksha and wishing you all the success


Reviewed 24 Jun 23

It was very nice experience with Sriya Gupta in completing over process starting from scratch to getting Visa approved. She was supportive and always right behind me to complete every step in time. Thanks for the support I received from Sriya mam and Shiksha.


Reviewed 23 Jun 23

Sriya worked really hard from the very first day of my application and she has been responding me every single time irrespective of the day and hour she helped me with the process completely and she constantly kept me updating, she handelled the whole process very well even though she is busy with other things the first thing she does best is responding to the texts and calls and helping me with the process

sai teja10/10

Reviewed 23 Jun 23

IELTS Score: 6.5

Sriya is one of the best mentors. Before knowing about Shiksha, I've connected with few other mentors. I've never seen anyone guiding us through each and every step. I've even surprised how can anyone has this much patience. She answered every dumb question that I've asked. At the very last moment, I thought of changing my university ~ even after office hours she helped me with that and reminded me when ever I forgets anything. We can expect a delayed responses sometimes ?. There has been times where she didn't reply/call back at some critical times, but it's understandable - as she's mentoring few others also along with me. Thanks alot Sriya for helping with the entire process. BTW got my visa approved and Sriya played a key role in that ??

Sirikonda Jyotsna9.3/10

Reviewed 22 Jun 23

Sriya..she is a good mentor, great counsellor and friendly in nature. She helped me in each and every step of my Journey to achieve my goals. Blessed! She has made me feel very comfortable, I liked the overall experience.

Kingson Rebello10/10

Reviewed 16 Jun 23

TOEFL Score: 86.0

Sriya made the whole journey so easy from the time of University applications to university selection process. She was pateint and really helpful. She maintained regular communication so nothing gets delayed. With Sriya's help I was able to complete my application process well before the time without any hassle. I wish her good luch for her future ??

Maitri Ved8/10

Reviewed 16 Jun 23

GRE Score: 287.0

She was very patient while dealing with the all the doubts and problems that I had during the process. She made the whole process way too easy for me by helping me from the start to the end, from reviewing the LORs to applying to colleges, from getting a visa slot to helping me prepare for it.


Reviewed 09 Jun 23

Sriya is very responsible throughout the process and till the end date of my visa interview she took her responsibility. And the way she guided for the process is very good

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