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Vignesh Edithal | MSc Applied Computing in Artificial Intelligence - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 30 Jan 2024
Hardworking and friendly folks

Tips: UofT provides you with tremendous opportunity to boost your career. Alumni are friendly. You can participate in a plethora of activities with students from other departments. There are not many scholarships available at Master's level but a lot for Ph.D.

Likes (Student Life): UofT campus is always buzzing with activities and events. It is easy to find a peer group and have some fun while learning new skills. During orientation you will get an opportunity to enroll in a vast array of clubs. There is always free food a...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseCAD 1200
  • Prepping time for classes18 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryCAD 105000
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Anonymous | MS in Applied Computing in Computer Science - Batch of 2022
Reviewed on 9 Jan 2024
Academic fountain of deep learning in the world

Tips: The university is known for its academic standards therefore the quality of courses is good and so are the marking criteria of the professors who teach the courses. The expectation from Masters students is to work on par with Ph.D. scholars and perform better since this degree usually prepares you for pursuing a Ph.D. degree in future.

Likes (Indian Food): Toronto is a vibrant city with cosmopolitan culture and food of every kind is available in the city and also this university. I as an Indian and a hard-core vegeta...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseCAD 1400
  • Prepping time for classes30 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryCAD 80000
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Anonymous | MS in Applied Computing in Computer Science - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 26 Dec 2023
It is a good university.

Tips: It's a good university but if you are more research-oriented then go for US universities. The weather is not great in Canada. If you are person who loves sunlight or going out then say goodbye to both of them. The campus is scattered and in the middle of the city.

Likes (Permanent Immigration): Good chance of getting a PR if you have enough points. You also get a Post Graduation Work Permit once you graduate. It is an open work permit and the duration depends on the length of the programme.

  • Total Monthly ExpenseCAD 2000
  • Prepping time for classes25 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryCAD 100000
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Anonymous | MS in Applied Computing in Computer Science - Batch of 2025
Reviewed on 15 Dec 2023
University of Toronto is the place to be!

Tips: Whatever you do, try to excel in that. Also focus on your fundamentals Science classes like Math and Physics as it helps in more ways than one, even though I'm in CS. People here come from various backgrounds and the admissions committee views applications holistically. They value the amount of effort you've put into whatever your domain is and can find ways of transferring your skillset to match you with what you could potentially be great at.

  • Total Monthly ExpenseCAD 1550
  • Prepping time for classes23 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryCAD
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Samarendra Dash | MS in Applied Computing in Computer Science - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 14 Sep 2023
Live every moment and work hard for your academics, at University of Toronto.

Tips: Cultural shift sure, but not that much. In my programme and in the city too I find enough Indians that I feel at home. There are some shifts but in a good way. Like people are quite honest and rule following here than what we SEE in India. They have a vector scholarship, but it can be hard to get. Like only 120 students in my batch got it that too across 5 different universities. From my programme probably only 4 to 6 people got the scholarship. Courses are great, there is a high focus on practi...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseCAD 3900
  • Prepping time for classes19 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryCAD 73250
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Suraj Kumar | MSc Computer Science - Batch of 2022
Reviewed on 5 Jan 2023
I feel University of Toronto is among the top University in Canada.

Tips: I recommend the students to apply to this university as soon as possible before the deadline as it is quite tough to get admission in university of Toronto. I also suggest to accommodate in university campus without any hassle and also report to university early before the deadline.

  • Total Monthly ExpenseCAD 851
  • Prepping time for classes16 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryCAD
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Md Arif Anjum | MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 3 Oct 2022
I feel very lucky and happy that I am studying in this University.

Tips: Students should know about fee structure, campus environment, and accommodation. Library fees university scholarship also must know Hart House at UofT St. george campus has a giant antique table for students to eat and is very reminiscent of the scene from Harry Potter where all students have their dinner.

Likes (Quality of faculty): Good student life because University campus environment is very good and all facilities are available like own home. It has a wealth of history and offers many opportunities for students to exp...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseCAD 4857
  • Prepping time for classes42 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryCAD 31537
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