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Anonymous | MSc in Business Analytics - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 28 Mar 2024
Wonderful experience with insightful learning plus struggles to get job after studies

Tips: Language skills - English is essential to get a good job post-education. Learning about Irish culture, events and sports is advised if you plan to amalgamate at your workplace and Uni. Each year more students are coming to Ireland apart from working professionals, so it's getting tougher to get jobs post education. This should be a serious concern if you are a fresher or have fewer years of experience. University, course and country are excellent but getting a job after studies is the real cha...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseEuro 1100
  • Prepping time for classes10 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryEuro 45000
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NEHA CHAUHAN | MSc in Business Analytics - Batch of 2022
Reviewed on 28 Jan 2024
Good student life. Try to make friends, good for networking.

Tips: Come prepared that you are going to stay away from family, so you better have friends and activities joined. Avoid being sentimental as you are investing your money to achieve something, rather than going as cry baby back to your country. A lot of Indians are here so try to be friendly with them but also the Irish ones( they are better). Scholarships are there but that's according to university norms, not everyone avails of scholarships. I am satisfied with the university, the campus is great ...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseEuro 1800
  • Prepping time for classes35 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryEuro 40175
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Anonymous | MSc Data Science and Analytics - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 23 Aug 2023
Lovable, friendly and academically oriented university.

Tips: Maynooth has a vibrant student community and there are many clubs, societies and events to get involved in. The University also emphasis on student-centred learning. Keep your open to new opportunities and grow and learn along with your academics and social life.

Likes (Safety): In terms of safety Ireland can be considered one of the safest destinations for International students. Maynooth University was recently recognised as one of the safest. There is a health and safety office as well at Maynooth to evaluat...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseEuro 1575
  • Prepping time for classes22 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryEuro 29100
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Anonymous | MSc in Computer Science (Software Engineering) - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 24 Jan 2024
My fulfilling university experience

Tips: The university is very welcoming, and the people here are very friendly. There was a bit of a cultural shift in the beginning but it's adaptable. I'm very satisfied with the university. I believe that I've learned a lot, both academically and personally. It's been an amazing experience.

  • Total Monthly ExpenseEuro 650
  • Prepping time for classes20 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryEuro 40175
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Neha Gupta | MSc in Business Analytics - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 18 Jan 2024
Maynooth University is one of the best university

Tips: I didn't feel any cultural shift. Irish are friendly and helpful. There are certain scholarships which you can avail of based on the essays that you submit. I'm extremely satisfied with the course. It's good for experienced people. The country is good as it has the best natural places.

  • Total Monthly ExpenseEuro 900
  • Prepping time for classes24 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryEuro
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Ananya Rajora | BSc Computer Science & Software Engineering (CSS) - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 26 Jul 2023
A place that develops you in every way

Tips: You need to be able to cook and do all the stuff along with managing studies so be prepared for that. It can be hard to make friends on the first day but it's not difficult at all. The people are very friendly. Irish people in general are very kind and helpful and fun-loving.

Likes (Safety): It is a college town and we use public transport all the time. I have not felt unsafe while going alone anywhere. People go out all the time and hang out till late at night as well but the crowd of the town or university it...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseEuro 545
  • Prepping time for classes30 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryEuro
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Lavanya Rajora | BSc Computer Science & Software Engineering (CSS) - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 22 Jul 2023
Maynooth University is fun loving yet an academically oriented school.

Tips: One thing that your should know is to try to make friends early when you start college because in later years people would have made their friend group and won't mingle with you very much. The students are really friendly but won't bother to come and hang out otherwise.

Likes (Quality of faculty): The faculty in Maynooth University is outstanding. They treat every student nicely and spend individual time with them if needed. When it comes to needing extra assistance or some help even outside the course, they would do their...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseEuro 1086
  • Prepping time for classes20 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryEuro
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Pratik Parkar | MSc Business Management - Batch of 2020
Reviewed on 2 Jul 2022
Maynooth University is good university with less program prices than other Universities in Dublin

Tips: University is really good for technical programs as Ireland is IT dominant country. Quality of technical education is really good with 8/10 but management courses can be rated 6/10 as mostly they are focused on the theoretical part then practical. So choose your program wisely.

Likes (Safety): Maynooth university is really good for technical programs. Campus is huge and there are campus accommodations available on a first come first serve basis. Whole campus is under 24X7 security and CCTV surveillance. Maynoot...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseEuro 851
  • Prepping time for classes16 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryEuro 33537
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