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Aatish Rokade | MBA International Business - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 20 Sep 2023
University of Greenwich is one of the well known and great college in London

Tips: One of the first things I notice was how difficult it was to adapt the weather as it was autumn at the time and how a lot of clothes were not very suitable. Even for the first few months, it was also hard for me to understand everyone's conversation they were all fluent in English for some words, but I had difficulty understanding what they meant exactly. I did not avail of any scholarships.

Likes (Safety): Apart from campus security, the best advice for safety is to cautiously use your common sense. London is ...

  • Total Monthly ExpensePound 1200
  • Prepping time for classes34 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryPound 23250
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Surajkumar Samant ... | MSc in Accounting and Finance - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 27 Mar 2023
Supportive and knowledgeable

Tips: They should be very serious about time, they should not waste any time before getting into it. Attend every class, it is worth it for your future endeavour. University also has a gym on campus with very reasonable fees for students. You need to register for groups you need to join.

Likes (Value for money): Teaching and support is worth the fees. Lots of support groups for studies and co-curriculum activities. If you have any interest like dancing, interest in sports like football, cricket, badminton, table tennis and te...

  • Total Monthly ExpensePound 817
  • Prepping time for classes20 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryPound 27788
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swapnil londhe | Biotechnology, MSc - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 27 Sep 2023
A university which supports you.

Tips: Do not take your studies casually. You do not have to study everyday, pay attention two or three days. Understand everything that has been taught in class. Prepare well for exams again do not waste time be active all the time.

Likes (Part time work): It is all up to you how hard you try to get a part-time job, though it is not easy but if you really give your best you can get one within a month. Go directly to the shops and print your resume. Keep yourself active all the time do not waste your time.

  • Total Monthly ExpensePound 300
  • Prepping time for classes0 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryPound 25100
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Utkarsh | MSc in Data Science - Batch of 2021
Reviewed on 16 Jul 2022
University of Greenwich- A good experience!

Tips: Here are a couple of things to know before joining the University of Greenwich, London. Choose a program wisely as all your job opportunities rely upon it and the way you complete your degree. Don't take the city for granted, as it may distract you from your goals. London is a very overwhelming city, so go one day at a time.

Likes (Indian Food): The best part of studying in London is its rich diversity of food options, from Indian to continental and other food options. Most of the Indian dishes and food items are ava...

  • Total Monthly ExpensePound 2128
  • Prepping time for classes40 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryPound
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Darshan Bhadeshiya | Computer Forensics and Cyber Security, MSc - Batch of 2022
Reviewed on 16 May 2022
The University is excellent and studies is far better as compared to other Universities

Tips: If you stay near the campus then it is very good because then you can make friends, you can easily access the library (the library of Greenwich is excellent) and the area is also good. If you are enrolling into this course, then please focus on studies and come with basic IT knowledge because this is a Masters course, and professors do not teach basics. Professors are very friendly. If you have any doubt then they will surely help you to sort them out. London city is also very good. Come prepare...

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Ayushi Chhetri | MSc in Data Science - Batch of 2021
Reviewed on 17 Nov 2021
Extracurricular activities are a must try.

Tips: It is a great college. Apart from academic activities, do take part in all the extracurricular activities. They are quite great and will give a lot of exposure and further opportunities. Especially, do take interest in the university's enterprise bootcamp and hackathons.

Likes (Value for money): Since I am staying at my relatives' house, the value for money is high for me. The overall cost is considerably cheaper for me.

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Bajarang B | MBA International Business - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 10 Nov 2021
Friendly, enthusiast and a good campus!

Tips: Anyone who is looking to study in UK must know about the university they are getting into, its academic performance, the placement options available and how friendly its tutors are.

Likes (Part time work): Getting a job is difficult but not too difficult. If you look online websites properly or get help from any friend then you will get a job.

  • Total Monthly ExpensePound 1106
  • Prepping time for classes14 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryPound
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Magnani tush | MBA International Business - Batch of 2021
Reviewed on 4 Jan 2022
Everything is good, I feel like I am in heaven.

Tips: First students should know how to behave in this college because this college is number one college in punctuality and discipline . This college is so good in punctuality and discipline and teaching is so good teachers are good in behavior too.

Likes (Safety): Safety of this university is awesome and very important for students this university is best university in the world in safety.

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