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Anonymous | BS in Computational Media - Batch of 2026
Reviewed on 15 Apr 2024
Georgia Tech for an international freshman is the best if you can balance work and fun.

Tips: For international students from South Asian countries, getting used to doing one's own chores might be challenging but everyone eventually gets accustomed to it. Scholarships are not available to international students as it is a public university. Overall, I love Georgia Teach. I think if one can balance their work and social life, the experience is very lucrative and par every top-tier college in the US.

Likes (Student Life): Student life is great at Georgia Teach: there are many academic and social clubs one can j...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseUSD 1550
  • Prepping time for classes15 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryUSD
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Anonymous | Master of Science in Robotics - Batch of 2025
Reviewed on 3 Mar 2024
Great academic university.

Tips: The course is pretty good. Lots of resources in terms of job search. There is an opportunity to get funding in terms of student assistant, teaching assistant and research assistant. I really like the university. It's pretty much worth the money. I was able to get used to the culture here.

Likes (Student Life): They have a lot of clubs and activities. They prioritize student health and wellness. They have the robotics club and most clubs don't need prior experience. You can just sign up for anything and they teach you ...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseUSD 1225
  • Prepping time for classes28 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryUSD
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Harshit Chawla | MS in Cybersecurity - Batch of 2016
Reviewed on 18 Sep 2023
It is the best college according to me in US

Tips: The transition after moving here hasn't been that hard for me. Because I have a lot of Indian friends here who were like a family to me, they did not make me feel like I was lonely or alone. I did not experience a huge cultural shift except for the food and standard of living. I did not avail of any scholarship or allowance. I am mostly satisfied with the university as it is one of the top universities and gave me a lot of opportunities and chances to go ahead in my career.

  • Total Monthly ExpenseUSD 6550
  • Prepping time for classes30 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryUSD 93700
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Anonymous | Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering - Batch of 2022
Reviewed on 26 Feb 2024
Great Tech school with amazing grad program!

Tips: Graduate programs at Georgia tech are well-reputed and provide students with abundant knowledge and exposure. Limitless opportunities are available both during and after graduation from school. Some useful tips while prepping for graduation school: - Reach out to your department and apply for teaching assistantships once you receive the admit. - Email professors and graduation students in the lab (information available on university web page) regarding research assistantships.

Likes (Post study jobs): Even in the field o...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseUSD 1500
  • Prepping time for classes30 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryUSD
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Vipul Ujawane | MS in Cybersecurity - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 23 Jul 2023
Amazing and best University for cybersecurity in USA

Tips: Georgia tech being the top ranked university has rigorous course so students coming to Georgia tech should be ready to do hard work. University is situated in Atlanta city which is diverse so students should be ready to adopt themself in that environment. Personally, I haven't experienced many transitions after coming to Georgia tech. Initially, I faced difficulty in following my culture but later everything came to place. I didn't avail of any scholarship. I am fully satisfied with my universit...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseUSD 2048
  • Prepping time for classes18 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryUSD 120306
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Bhushan Pawaskar | Master of Science in Robotics - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 17 Jan 2023
Georgia Tech: Apply if you are willing to put in the hard work

Tips: Georgia tech is a college where you will need to put in the work. You won't be spending time partying every other night, going out every weekend and such. You will need to put in the effort in your assignments and classes. For all this effort, the rewards are worth it though. You get admitted into good companies and the tech name helps carry you a long way

Likes (Post study jobs): Aerospace and Industrial Engineering schools rank at the top all over US. Although jobs in aerospace are limited if you are not a US citizen....

  • Total Monthly ExpenseUSD 737
  • Prepping time for classes48 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryUSD 121903
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