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Anonymous | Master of Science in Information Systems - Batch of 2025
Reviewed on 22 Feb 2024
Good course structure. Public transportation is easy to access.

Tips: Culture is definitely present, however, it's great that people are punctual and they respect others a lot. They love to engage in small talk, which is sometimes fun. I did not avail of any scholarships because they don't provide those to international students. I am very satisfied with the university, the course is good only, the country is also good as far as I've known.

Likes (Public transportation): Seattle campus has great public transport, may it be the bus system or the underground metro. It's absolutely easy to travel ...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseUSD 1200
  • Prepping time for classes25 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryUSD
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Muneeb Iftikhar | MS Civil Engineering - Batch of 2023
Reviewed on 17 Nov 2023
A perfect college in a perfect location with the best summer.

Tips: The culture shock is there and also be ready to face a lot of ups and downs. I was a graduate research assistant at my college and make sure you have some research experience in undergrad. I am very satisfied with my course and country and also the university.

Likes (Student Life): Student life is very good probably the best experience of your life. You have everything be it gyms, sporting events and various events and you are going to enjoy it a lot. Also, you have events at college where you can have the best time ...

  • Total Monthly ExpenseUSD 1450
  • Prepping time for classes10 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryUSD 82750
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Anonymous | MS in Computer Science & Engineering - Batch of 2025
Reviewed on 12 Jan 2024
Great exposure for international students.

Tips: It is a commuter college mostly. On-campus jobs are moderately available and it's an amazing opportunity of exposure too. International students have multiple opportunities to socialize and network with the help of the events organized. Student groups are active too.

  • Total Monthly ExpenseUSD 3450
  • Prepping time for classes22 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryUSD
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Vritesh | Master of Science in Data Science - Batch of 2024
Reviewed on 13 Aug 2023
University of Washington is great!

Tips: It's an amazing university with great opportunities once you graduate. The sheer beauty of the campus is enough to keep you going. The opportunity for scholarships for my programme is limited (1 or 2 out of 60 students). I am thoroughly enjoying my time in Seattle.

  • Total Monthly ExpenseUSD 100
  • Prepping time for classes20 hours / Week
  • Expected Annual SalaryUSD 129700
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