Best Tips for Learning and Development Managers and Professionals

Best Tips for Learning and Development Managers and Professionals

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Updated on Jul 5, 2022 12:43 IST

Read this article to learn about the best tips for learning and development professionals.


In every organization, learning and development managers play a pivotal role, which is clearly highlighted from a survey conducted by The Harris Poll:

“70% of US employees say they’re at least somewhat likely to leave their current company and accept an offer with a new company that’s known for investing in employee learning and development.”

This is why nowadays a lot of companies pay special attention to employee growth and development, and that’s how the role of the Learning and Development Managers have become crucial like never before. 

From identifying training requirements to handling corporate learning and development activities, as an L&D manager, you have a lot on your plate

Also with the CoronaVirus pandemic, the importance of upskilling and reskilling are here to stay, and the industry is also expecting constant technological upgrades; thus, this will make the job of an L&D professional more challenging and promising. 

That’s why we bring you the action plan to successfully start or switch careers in L&D and stay relevant in the changing times. 

Popular Tips for Learning and Development Managers to Grow In Your Career

#1. Stay Proactive and Evolve With The Changing Roles

Nowadays, L&D professionals’ job roles and responsibilities are constantly evolving, owing to the concept of virtual learning. From trainers to talent development partners and from HR analysts to L&D Analysts, and HR BP to L&D Business Partners, the roles are emerging. 

Thus, you need to upgrade yourself for these changing times, and for this you need to-

  • Stay equipped with the latest learning trends and modern learning technologies
  • Measure the ROI from including training and learning sessions and illustrate the benefits to stakeholders
  • Formulate blended learning approach
  • Incorporate informal training sessions 
  • Support learning transitions instead of enforcing them
  • Align with the company’s missions

#2. Focus on Creating an Agile Learning Culture 

With the constant global change, technological revolution, and economic disruption; everything including human resources is also being replaced rapidly. Hence, it is your job to ensure that the organization can match the business models of the changing environment. For this, you need to bring in the agile learning culture and embrace the harmonious learning cycle.

#3. Develop a Synergistic Relationship Between L&D Goals and the Business Goals

As an L&D manager, you need to match training needs with corporate priorities. This skill is an essential element of the concept called – ‘successful performance consulting’. 

Here the L&D professionals are expected to get closer to businesses, functional areas, key customers, and possible constraints and challenges. 

#4. Keep Upskilling Yourself

When planning for a successful L&D career, you will be constantly challenged with new responsibilities. Be it identifying the skill gap or defining the learning objectives, the L&D role demands new skills and competencies. Thus, it becomes imperative to upgrade yourself with the most in-demand L&D skills to gain further exposure. For this, you can opt for some of the top-rated Learning and Development courses and certifications, which are helpful in gaining new perspectives. 

Also nowadays, a lot of L&D professionals are upskilling themselves with analytical skills as it helps in bridging the gap between business data and people data. Along with this, it also helps in meeting the defined HR metrics, analyzing data, and preparing impactful reports.  

The Parting Note

Now that you know the job roles of an L&D manager, you can turn into a seasoned professional with these proven tips. All you need to do is evolve your L&D intervention processes, bring in the new techniques, and keep upskilling yourself to keep on delivering great learning solutions. 


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Is it possible to shift from hiring manager to learning and development managers?

Yes, with the right course, certifications, and training, one can switch careers into L&D roles. In fact, the role of hiring managers is to onboard new resources and that will exactly help you with pointing out the missing skills. You can use these insights in your new L&D roles.

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