Best Resources to Learn Back End Development

Best Resources to Learn Back End Development

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Back end development is the part of development related to the server-side work of the website. The back end is responsible for ensuring the development of the functions that are not visible to users. While the front end is important for the user experience for building websites, the back end is equally important for the smooth functioning of that website. This part of the development involves coding that translates input from the user interface into actions required by users. Since the back end is the foundation for the proper functioning of the website, it is essential to learn back end development. In this article, we will discover the best resources to learn back end development.


Resources to Learn Backend Development

Over here, we will be discussing the different types of resources to learn back end development. These resources can be referred to by those who want to start from scratch and by those who want to upgrade their existing skills. 

Blogs To Learn Backend Development

The following blogs are helpful in learning different aspects of backend development. 

Killer PHP

Killer PHP is a blog by Stefan Mischook for people who want to learn coding in PHP. The author releases only one or two blogs per month to maintain the quality. These blogs will teach you the basics of PHP through articles and video tutorials. You will learn everything from writing PHP scripts to the development of loops and processing of HTML forms.

The Zend Blog

This blog is beneficial for those who want to start learning PHP but it is also read by those who are advanced users. The blog covers the latest PHP trends, cloud and app development. You will also get to learn basic programming lessons, information on the correlation between code’s performance and user experience.


Oracle maintains Java and no other blog can be as informative on Java as this one. All the information comes directly from developers and maintainers. You will find tutorials to learn Java, updates and ways for integrating tools in Java. 


Baeldung is a website dedicated to Java where you can find the latest Java updates, professional advice and updates. It also offers useful learning courses. Multiple high-quality blogs are added every single day on this blog.


Speedshop is a blog that focuses on the performance in Ruby in which he discusses methods to fix the performance on the website of rails.

Running with Ruby

Running with Ruby is a blog by Maciej Mensfeld that covers Ruby-related topics including MySQL, Apache Kafka, Karafka Framework and ActiveRecord. The blogs are detailed and include diagrams for building a better understanding 

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Mouse vs Python

The blog features Python developers with notable open source contributions and blogs on Python. The blogs are divided into different categories according to users’ advancement in the language. 

Online Courses For Learning Back End Development 

Online courses can be really beneficial for those who want to learn backend from those who want to gain knowledge from experts. These courses are prepared as per the industry standards by experienced professionals.

  • JavaScript, Bootstrap, & PHP – Certification for Beginners on Udemy is a course made for those who want to learn JavaScript, Bootstrap and PHP. It is also a useful course for those who want to learn coding in client-side web page interactivity through JavaScript. 
  • Back-End Application Development With Javascript is a course developed by the University of Michigan. The aim of the course is to teach learns about the development of web application servers with Express and designing of RESTful APIs. It also teaches about isomorphic JavaScript development.
  • Using Python to Interact with the Operating System on Coursera is a course through which you will learn the manipulation of files and processes on operating systems. You will also learn to write programs that process errors in the actual log files and generate summary files. You will also get to learn the execution of Python locally. 
  • How the Internet Works & the Web Development Process on Udemy is a great course for those who want to learn the process of web development. Along with web development, this course covers topics including LAN, WAN, firewalls and internet protocols.
  • Fundamentals of Programming on Udemy is a course for those who know how to program, web application development, cross-platform development and system engineering. Through this course, you will be able to learn every aspect of software development and app development. You will also learn to program in C, Java, Go, Ruby, C++, JavaScript and PHP. 
  • Web Development: Executive Briefing on Pluralsight is a course that covers technologies used in building web applications. Through this course, you will learn to structure a web development team and discover technologies for building client-side applications. 
  • The Full Stack Web Development is a course on Eduonix that provides in-depth knowledge on technologies used to design and launch applications and websites. The course covers basic HTML programming, HTML5 programming, styling with CSS3 and Twitter bootstrap programming. 

Books on Back End Development

The following books will strengthen your concepts in the back end:

  1. Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup is a great book for those who want to build fundamentals in C++. The book covers both generic and object-oriented programming. There are many exercises for making the concepts clear.
  2. The Joy of PHP Programming by Alan Forbes is a book for those who want to become web developers but do not have the knowledge of programming. The book covers everything from scratch including the basics of HTML, installation of PHP, PHP syntax, MySQL and control structures.
  3. Beginning Node.js by Basarat Ali Syed is a book that covers the core concepts of NodeJS. You will also learn data maintenance, express framework and methods to deploy web applications on the internet.
  4. PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald helps programmers in managing content, database building and interaction with users. You will also gain an understanding of the connectivity of PHP and MySQL through knowledge of database management systems.

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Podcasts For Learning Back End Development

Following podcasts discuss back end development, news and events related to it:

  1. The Backend Engineering Show with Hussein Nasser is a podcast where all discussions related to software engineering technologies take place. Most of the content is the audio version of the content produced by the YouTuber himself. 
  2. The Broken Build is a podcast where software developers communicate with each other about coding and fixing bugs. Over here, cloud servers, frontend, backend, database and everything is discussed. 
  3. DonTheDeveloper Podcast has different discussions among industry professionals about the different aspects of development including backend, frontend and full-stack. 

YouTube To Learn Back End Development

The following YouTubers offer a variety of videos on back end development that can help in learning details of the back end through demos.

  1. CodeWithHarry teaches about coding techniques with the help of demos. He explains the combination of frontend and backend to those who want to become web developers.
  2. offers a complete course on backend web development through Python and Django. The 10-hour long business will cover everything from the introduction of Python to advanced level Python.
  3. Codedamn offers an entire playlist on the different topics of backend development. He also covers a roadmap for becoming a backend developer. He usually covers topics related to JavaScript in his videos.
  4. Programming with Mosh is a YouTuber who trains software engineers and creates videos related to Python, JavaScript and Csharp. He has an entire playlist dedicated to backend covering topics on Node.js, MySQL, JavaScript, ASP.NET and Python. 


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Why should you learn back end development?

Those who want to develop websites should learn about the back end. Since the back end involves learning several languages, the person becomes knowledgeable in different languages. As a backend developer, you will keep on learning and will have a great career prospect.

Which are the most important skills to become a back end developer?

Following are the most important skills for becoming a back end developer: 1. Backend Programming Languages 2. Knowledge of Popular Frameworks 3. Databases and Cache 4. Data Structures and Algorithms 5. Familiarity with Servers 6. Knowledge of APIs 7. Version control and version control systems

Which database management systems are important for back end developers?

Database management systems that are important for backend developers include PostgreSQL, Oracle and AWS DynamoDB.u00a0

What is the importance of APIs in back end development?

APIs allow communication between applications. These play a significant role in the development of server-side architectures, by replacing complex programming to allow the software to communicate.

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