Best Resources To Learn Front End Development

Best Resources To Learn Front End Development

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Front end development is an essential part of website development. Through this development process, businesses can create interactive websites. Front end development is your business’s first impression on the digital audience which can be crucial in converting the traffic into leads. The most important aspect of front end development is to create user-friendly websites. Better the user interface, the more chances are there for gaining leads. In this article, we will be providing you with the best resources to learn front end development. 


Types of Resources To Learn Front End Development

Different types of resources are available for those who want to learn Front End Development. The following will act as a reference for learners. 

Blogs For Learning Front End Development

Blogs can be considered as one of the best resources to learn front end development. Over here, you will find some of the most informative blogs on front end development:

  • W3schools, w3resource and developer.mozilla are useful blogs for those who want to start learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • htmlreference.​io and cssreference.​io are visual guides that are great references for learning HTML and CSS.
  • goalkicker is a great website to get free notes related to front-end development technologies.
  • is a step by step guide to gain in-depth learning of front end development.
  • 30secondsofcode is a great website that has a collection of short code snippets for front-end developers.

Online Courses For Front End Development

The following courses can help in your journey of learning front end development. These courses have expert instructors who will guide you throughout:

Podcasts To Learn Front End Development

There are several great podcasts for those who want to learn from the experiences of other front end developers. The following are some of the top podcasts in this category:

  • egghead has a great podcast for developers so that they can share their experience with the community.
  • Front End Happy Hour is a podcast that features software engineers from Twitch, Atlassian and Netflix who discuss front end development. 
  • The freeCodeCamp Podcast is an open-source community where coding is taught via free online courses and programming projects.
  • The Frontside Podcast is another podcast where top-tier development professionals share their experience with those who want to learn about front end development.
  • Ladbug is a great podcast for everything. You can find a podcast section solely dedicated to the developers’ community. 

Books For Front End Development

If anything can be the best resource for front end development, you can count books in. Do check out the following books to learn about the front end in detail.

  • HTML and CSS: Design and build websites is a book written by Jon Duckett that guides beginners about designing, HTML and CSS. The book covers everything from scratch to an advanced level. The book defines every topic related to front end development with codes and outputs. 
  • JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development is another book authored by Jon Duckett which covers concepts of Javascript in a well structured and organized manner. You will also learn about the real-life applications of Javascript. You will also learn about DOM manipulation and handling user events in Javascript. 
  • Best Book for Learning React: The Road to React is a book written by Robin Wieruch who talks about the React framework. Since React is one of the top frameworks for React, you can refer to this book to gain insight. 

Learn the difference between Front end development and back end development

YouTube Channels To Learn Front End Development

  • Simplilearn has its own YouTube channel that has an entire course on Front end development. The tutorials are elaborate and provide in-depth knowledge on front end development. 
  • Clever Programmer is a YouTuber who provides programming lessons, tips and tricks for those who are interested in upgrading their coding skills. 
  • TechLead is a great YouTube channel for those who want to learn everything technical. The YouTuber is an ex-Google and ex-Facebook tech lead who creates videos related to software engineering. 
  • Clément Mihailescu is the cofounder of AlgoExpert who teaches the methods to learn coding within six months. He also owns a website that is dedicated to the preparation of coding interviews. 

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Why should you learn front end development?

Those who want to learn about developing the visual part of the website should learn about Front end development since it is the development of the website's GUI through programming language to enable user interaction with the website. Those who have a creative interest in website development should get into this field.u00a0

Which language is great to start learning front end development?

It is advisable to learn JavaScript before any other programming language since most developers find it as one of the best programming languages in both frontend and backend.

Which are the most important programming languages for front end development?

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the most important languages for front end development. HTML is used for providing an overall framework of how a particular website will look. CSS defines the display of HTML elements and for designing the web page layout. JavaScript is used to provide a dynamic interface to static HTML pages. WebAssembly is used for code compilation and sometimes as an alternative to JavaScript.u00a0

What is the use of Java in front end development?

Java is used for developing the HTML front end since programmers can write server-side logic through JSPs and Java servlets. These can be virtually on any operating system in any environment.

What are the technical skills required to become a front-end developer?

A front end developer should be skilled in HTML, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript. Apart from programming languages, a front end developer should also have experience in using Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. They are also expected to have knowledge of cross-browser testing, OOPS and PHP. A front end developer should also have a basic knowledge of SEO & tools that are used for presenting web-based information to end-users.

What pays more between the front end and back end?

Usually, backend developers earn more than front end developers. As per the Ambition box, the average salary of back end developers is more than front end developers.

Is SQL a front end or back end programming language?

SQL is a programming language that is used for interacting with databases on the backend. It is also used for creating and maintaining relational databases.

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