What is Big Data Analytics? Why you should get a Certification?

What is Big Data Analytics? Why you should get a Certification?

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The process through which a large set of structured or unstructured data, which cannot be usually processed using traditional analytical methods, are analysed is known as Big Data analytics. Big data analytics has become an integral part of business for most of the big organisations in the world. With the help of big data, companies can have a good knowledge of the market and offer better customer service. This article will explain about what is big data analytics? and Why you should get a certification?



Let’s jump in:

Emergence of Big Data

Data is the new gold in this age of technology. Companies who know how to use data as a source of helpful insights can become the pioneers in this new age of information. We produce more data per day nowadays than all the data combined together from dawn of civilisation till the starting of the 21st century. This shows how our lives are touched by data every day and people are influenced by information on the internet.

Due to the rapid growth of data, it has become difficult for organisations to process the large amount of data with the help of traditional methods that were in use earlier. The amount of data generated has become too large leading to both storage and analysis problems. This large sets of data is known as Big Data.

Big data has led to the emergence of a number of new professionals who are responsible for various fields associated with it. According to a report by the American management consulting firm, McKinsey, there will be an “acute shortage of 190,000 professionals with deep analytical skills and 1.5 million managers with expertise in the industry” by 2018.

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What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics is the process of examining large sets of data (structured or unstructured) to find meaningful insights which can help organisations to make informed business decisions. The importance of big data analytics can be understood by the following image :




(source: sas.com)

Big data analytics usually requires a number of advanced tools, software and techniques to process the data and companies prefer candidates who have the right skills set. A certification in big data can help you get the right skills.

Advantages of a Big Data certification

  • Demand greater than supply – The number of highly-skilled big data professionals in the field is very low in comparison to the number of jobs. As the graph shows, 53% of the companies surveyed by GreyCampus have undertaken big data initiatives. In India, the percentage is the highest, while the number of skilled big data professionals is low. This has made these professionals like rare diamonds in the field and get lured by some of the top companies across various industries.
  • A host of opportunities – Recruiters prefer certified candidates. According to a Naukri Survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they would love to hire certified candidates as it is easy for them to make a correct decision. Thus, if you are a certified candidate, you will get a lot of interview opportunities in various companies. This in turn, will improve your chances of getting a good job.
  • An edge over non-certified professionals – Certified candidates have the skills and knowledge as you are well-trained in the field. Since you already have practical knowledge on some of the prominent tools and techniques, recruiters will prefer you over non-certified professionals. Also, certified professionals earn more than non-certified ones with similar work experience and academic level.
  • Verification of your skills – A certification is like a recognition of your skills, You can enhance your resume with it. When recruiters sort candidates for interviewers, they look for achievements like this which can help them in their decision-making process. Certification will act as a verification of your skills.
  • Best way to shift to big data – Want to shit to a big data career? Thinking of how to make the move? The best way to do this is with a certification. It will help you to get the requisite training and skills so that you will find the right opportunities.

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Shiksha Online offers a number of quality big data analytics certification that will help you in your journey to a successful big data career.

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