Big Data Career Opportunities for Non Programmers

Big Data Career Opportunities for Non Programmers

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Updated on May 23, 2024 14:36 IST

Big Data is acknowledged across the world for offering data center strategies. It facilitates organizations to stock up, manage and maneuver huge quantity of data at correct pace & in a timely manner. Big Data can be found everywhere i.e. it is being created by people utilizing transactional tools, social media, generating from applications and so on. Identifying the competency it has and predicting trends, this data is in high demands among organizations. The challenge appears when it is realized that there is poor availability of Big Data professionals.


There is a huge demand for Big Data professionals, companies are offering competitive salaries making it an extremely lucrative Big Data career opportunities. Breaking the myth! Working on Big Data requires programming skills is actually not true. Even with little or no knowledge in programming there is a lot of scope to gain Big Data career opportunities and growth in the Big Data space.

The 5 things in Big Data without programming!

R, a programming language

which concentrates on statistics & data visualization and makes it highly acceptable among data scientists. The basic understanding & skills required for learning Big Data are creative intelligence and strategic abilities. Other significant aspects it requires are the competence for coordinating with co-workers throughout the business and well established soft skills as they make an individual capable of transmitting data-driven findings to the higher officials in a convincing way. We can’t achieve effective Big Data handling only by having huge data, but along with it, an affirmative and open senior management to utilize this data in new ways and identifying the power of creativity & innovation,

Talend (Talend Open Studio)

is yet another tool to learn Big Data without a compulsion of having a programming background. It is a tool utilized to create an end – to – end solution. It helps beginners to comprehend the integration of data and make them equipped with Big Data skills,

Sales Representatives

that know how to sell Big Data solutions is rising steeply and will continue for the next few years as well,

Information Security Analysts

for monitoring and analyzing data about events on servers, networks and other devices.

Data Management Analysts

supervising activities that protect or enhance its value, these professionals manage the movement of data across multiple systems; oversee its validation and organization and make sure that it is available to appropriate people and systems within an organization.

Now that the verdict is out that Big Data is the future and it does not especially requires a programming background to learn, we should learn this in-demand tool to scaffold our careers in a better way. There are innumerable course and certifications available for all the above career options and can be taken up full-time for part-time depending on the hours available. It is not quite far when every enterprise will have Big Data deployed and will have big Data professionals working for them.

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