Want to Earn a 7 Figure Salary? Learn Big Data Courses

Want to Earn a 7 Figure Salary? Learn Big Data Courses

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Updated on Jul 5, 2022 20:18 IST

Big Data, Data Scientist, Data Analysts……………haven’t we been coming across these words a lot these days and wondering what it is all about. Career sites, job portals, social media are flooded with requirements for a Data Scientist, Big Data Analysts and so on. Yes, this particular IT sector is witnessing an unprecedented boom. The demand for Big Data professionals has risen over 92% across all industries and the companies are grappling to find skilled professionals to fill in the positions. Candidates take Big Data courses for gaining good opportunities.


But what is Big Data Boom all about?

It’s the term used to describe the phenomenal growth and availability of structured and unstructured data for definite and accurate analysis. Big Data is transforming the way companies store, manage and analyse their data, and how they make use of it.

What can be the reason for such a high demand……

Enterprises are now realising the value of adopting analytic applications, turning data into valuable insights for the company and generating big revenues and business growth. Management across companies have now understood the importance of squeezing value out of data dump, most of which gets auto-generated in varied forms.

Demand Vs. Supply…

The sudden importance and usage of data is creating a huge demand for Big Data Scientists across industries. Hiring Managers across the globe are filling these positions in a big way but are finding it an uphill task because of the shortfall of skilled manpower in this domain.  As per the data available there will be a demand of 4.4 million Big Data jobs but only one third of the positions will get filled. Jobseekers and other organisations are turning to online learning to close this skill set gap by giving Big Data courses. Universities around the world have geared up to fill this manpower shortage by designing related courses and distributing them both through classroom as well as e-learning modules.

Good news for big data professionals –

If you have the required skill set, then there could be no better time to carve a niche for yourself as key player in a company’s big data initiative. You could get the opportunity to explore Big Data roles across industries and gain enriching experience. And the best part is, there will not be any dearth of opportunities in the next few decades. You will, in fact be the most sought after resource, with companies lining up to hire you. Industry leaders and institutional scholars across the globe are trying to keep up with these demands by creating training materials and encouraging candidates to acquire the skill set.

You’ve got it right!! This domain is flourishing at an exponential pace which means that there is and will be a huge demand of such professionals and is probably the right time for you to pick this career without a second thought. Big Data roles demands a high degree of quantitative aptitude and technical expertise. Though the supply of talent is growing, the demand is growing at an even faster pace.

It’s Big Money too!!

Trained Data Scientists are treated as expert professionals and get the advantage of working on strategic projects for the company in the very initial years of their experience.  They are experts in translating complex data into key strategy insight and powerful capabilities. Due to the immense value that the role brings in to any organisation, the Big Data professionals are highly paid as compared to others, hitting well into seven-figure range.

Get into the Race….

as Big Data market is booming; demand for big data jobs continues to outpace supply of talent, salaries will remain very attractive. The smarter ones will get in the race while others will get left behind. India is also catching up on this and has seen a big jump in Big Data hiring; enterprises are looking out for this talent and paying good for this expert skill. On the other hand, Big Data service providers have also come up; they not only provide solutions to the enterprises, but help them identify the core criticalities and give solutions that are best fit for these issues.

It’s just the beginning….

of a long and exciting career in Big Data; courses are in abundance and so are companies hiring for it. We might have a dearth of talent today but both working professionals and university students are taking up related Big Data courses to learn or upskill themselves. It would be prudent to act right now and touch greater career heights along with a growing industry.

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