How to Get a Developer Job through Online Courses

How to Get a Developer Job through Online Courses

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Updated on Dec 30, 2022 00:02 IST

Development and programming jobs are among the fastest-growing jobs out there. Which explains why more and more people are flocking toward them.


Software development is a versatile field where a programmer needs to get updated with the new programming language, top online courses, technologies, and frameworks to stay relevant. They work with software development technologies that deal with the application framework, computer systems design, application development, and manufacturing.  

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Online courses play an essential role in molding the career path of a developer. With these courses, one can learn how to modify their programming skills and build a career in a developer role. We have compiled a list of top online courses that are easily accessible and affordable for aspiring candidates who want to start their careers as software developer.

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Best technologies and tools to get hired fast

Technical skills that you have to acknowledge to get hired as a developer in a renowned company like Google, Amazon, or Microsoft, are:

  • OOPs concept, algorithms, data structure, and database
  • Programming Languages (Java, Python, Javascript, C++, .Net, C#), and tools
  • Python and necessary data science libraries like NumPy
  • Command-line tools like Linux, Git, and Bash
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • UI/UX skills
  • Agile development
  • Backend computing
  • Web development languages like HTML 5 and CSS
  • Data structures and algorithms

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Here is a list of courses from 7 top-rated platforms that can help you build programming skills and get a developer job


Front-End Web Development with React

Getting Started With Application Development

Kotlin for Java Developers

Multiplatform Mobile App Development with Web Technologies: Ionic and Cordova

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AWS Developer: Building on AWS

DevOps for Developers: How to Get Started

Project: Create an iOS app from start to finish

The Software Architect Code: Building the Digital World


Become a Blockchain Developer

Android Basics by Google

How to Make a Platformer Using libGDX

Designing RESTful APIs

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The Complete Android & Java Developer Course – Build 21 Apps—build-21-apps-course-udeml473

Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin

Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps

The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps!—build-23-apps!-course-udeml438

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What are some typical developer interview questions?

The developers commonly ask some questions at the time of the job interview. 

  • Which programming language are you proficient at and why?
  • Provide an example of software or application you have built and what programming language was used. 
  • Showcase your Github portfolio
  • How do you follow to get updated with new technologies related to development?
  • What are the recent projects you are working on? 

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Some more tips for increasing your chances of getting hired:

  • Grow your network and meet industry leaders to get an understanding of trending technologies and best practices
  • Take part in programming events- build your competitive programming skills
  • Attend tech meetups to interact with fellow developers
  • Build a strong Github portfolio

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