IFRS Certification: Career Opportunity and Growth Scope

IFRS Certification: Career Opportunity and Growth Scope

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Updated on Mar 16, 2023 10:49 IST

IFRS certification can benefit your career if you belong to the field of accounts and are eager to make a lucrative career in finance and accounts. Many countries including India, are moving to IFRS accounting standards. This is why knowledge of IFRS is very important.


IFRS stands for International Financial Reporting Standard and is an internationally accepted language for business accountancy presentation. In other words, IFRS is a singular accounting language. You can learn about IFRS through online certifications. In this blog, we will discuss what IFRS is and how can it benefit you.

Scope of IFRS Certification in India

As IFRS is globally recognized, Indian professionals need to be well versed in it. There is a growing demand for IFRS professionals as more and more companies are adapting to this international standard. To meet the growing demand, institutes like IACT Global have created an online IFRS course for accounting and financial professionals, which can be easily completed from the comfort of your home or office.

Indian companies are increasingly recruiting professionals with knowledge and experience of IFRS along with their accounts and finance degrees. Hence, finance professionals who wish to excel in their careers in finance should consider taking up IFRS certification to improve their career prospects.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India through a notification dated 16 February 2015 issued the Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015 (Rules) which lay down a roadmap for companies other than insurance companies, banking companies and non -banking finance companies (NBFC) for implementation of Ind AS converged with IFRS.

The changeover to Ind AS standards has set in motion the process of significantly improving the quality of and transparency in financial reporting by Indian companies. The future looks bright for accounting and finance professionals in India!

Who Can Opt For IFRS Certification?

Professionals with Commerce, CA, CPA and CFA qualifications can acquire an edge over others with IFRS certification. They can become at par with finance professionals worldwide by acquiring IFRS certification through online courses available on naukri.com eLearning platform.

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Roles Of An IFRS Certified Professional

As you do research, you will be amazed at the growing demand for IFRS certified professionals in India. Let’s have a look at the various roles an IFRS certified person can choose from:

  • The banking and insurance sector has a huge demand for IFRS professionals
  • Apart from banks, insurance sectors, non-banking financial companies and listed companies are also following IFRS guidelines since 2011.
  • Advisory companies who offer their services to accounting and finance firms require consultants with IFRS certification.
  • IFRS experts can also start their own private consultancy firms advising clients in the transition towards IFRS standards.
  • IFRS professionals can also take up the role of an IFRS trainer in the financial and education industry.

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Why Should You Choose IFRS Certification?

Organizations prefer candidates who have an international level of qualification in financial & accounting operations. Such professionals can handle their financial operations by IFRS standards since they are skilled in handling unexpected situational crises. The following reasons make an IFRS professional more significant:

  • 120 countries have adopted the IFRS standards for financial and accounting operations.
  • The implementation of these standards is a very complex and time taking process. This is why organizations require skilled and certified IFRS professionals.
  • Consistent modifications in the IFRS standards by the regulators also lead to an increase in demand for experienced IFRS professionals.

Growth Prospects for IFRS Professionals

If you acquire IFRS certification, you will have a growth spurt in your career. This is because of the following reasons:

  • IFRS professionals are in huge demand in India
  • Finance professionals equipped with IFRS certification have an advantage over others as they have knowledge of international accounting standards
  • IFRS qualification will make you eligible to work in 100+ countries
  • As IFRS guidelines are constantly updated, demand for IFRS experts will continue to be on the rise.

Finance is an exciting sector with changes happening at a rapid pace across the world. With the recent demonetization initiative taken by the Government of India, the importance of understanding finance and staying abreast with the latest updates cannot be overstated!

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