Myth Busting – Artificial Intelligence Will Take Your Job

Myth Busting – Artificial Intelligence Will Take Your Job

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Rashmi Karan
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Updated on Jan 18, 2022 17:29 IST

Will artificial intelligence and robots take up your jobs in the coming years? Well, it’s time for myth busting, lets do this –



AI applications intend to replace mundane processes. It automates repetitive work and allows one to focus on intelligent tasks. AI offers the speed and precision that businesses thrive for. With AI penetrating the lives of people, they think that they will lose their jobs. But this is not true.

World Economic Forum has some interesting observations in this regard– It suggests that by 2025 –

  • Redundant roles will decline from being 15.4% of the workforce to 9% (6.4% decline)
  • Emerging professions will grow from 7.8% to 13.5% (5.7% growth)

Will AI Take Over Humans One Day?

 Will AI Take Over Humans One Day?

Undoubtedly, AI innovation has been revolutionary. It has helped humans replace manual labor and get smart solutions for real-world problems. Both the human mind and artificial intelligence function basis neural networks. Both follow cognitive approaches like solving a problem, reasoning, and executing any task. But, the difference does not lie in simpler tasks, but in tasks involving emotional touch. A human brain uses emotional intelligence and experience to provide a unique output. The AI brains are yet to evolve to that level and are dependent on data sets to perform any task.

To surpass human intelligence, AI needs to –

  • Learn on its own by analyzing data and making its own decisions
  • Communicate with other AI systems
  • Be able to act without any human intervention

What Would AI Exactly Do?

So coming to the core of the question – What will AI actually do if not take away our jobs? To answer this question, let’s check what AI has to offer –

What Would AI Exactly Do?

Innovate at workplaces. It will be –

  • Tracking and assessing the performance of employees
  • Hiring new talent
  • Reducing administrative tasks and cutting short repetitive work of employees
  • Improve data and information security

Augment the productivity of employees. It would involve –

  • Turning complex data into digestible insights and making smarter business decisions
  • Supporting autonomous decision-making/decision support
  • Chatbots and other systems to analyze and generate text
  • Rise of AI-based systems like self-driving vehicles, healthcare devices, effector robots, chatbots, etc.

AI will explore new avenues of work, including –

  • Smart agricultural activities, AI-based monitoring of sales calls, medical care, etc.
  • Reducing redundant tasks like preparing data for use in AI training
  • Coding and managing the deployment of AI systems

Which Jobs Will AI Automate?

McKinsey Global Institute suggests that human activities (not jobs) will automate. Automation will affect around 5% of jobs. Yet, such jobs would still involve working alongside evolving machines. Forbes Technology Council named 13 jobs that will automate by 2030, including – 

Which Jobs Will AI Automate?

  • Insurance underwriting
  • Warehousing and manufacturing
  • Customer service
  • Data entry, data collection, and data processing
  • Long haul trucking
  • Production line evolution
  • Local TV advertising
  • Pharmaceutical discovery
  • Banking services and retail checkout
  • Outbound sales
  • Front-line fast food service 
  • A broader category named “Any Tasks That Can Be Learned .” 

How to Future Proof Your Career?

You need to be agile and adapt to new changes. To improve your employability, you should:

Future Proof Your Career

  • Improve your technical skills. Learn emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, data analytics, business intelligence, cloud technology. Understand their role with respect to your job profile
  • Develop your competencies like leadership, communication, innovation, etc.
  • Be a “global” worker
  • Develop a sound professional network outside your work limits
  • Learn from industry gurus and experts from your field
  • Keep a tab on industry and economic trends
  • Keep reviewing your options for career progression
  • Develop your emotional intelligence


Here are some takeaways from our topic- ‘Myth Busting – Artificial Intelligence Will Take Your Job’ –

  • Humans have created AI. Even with great attempts to replicate human intelligence, it’s not likely that AI can overpower us.
  • AI will replace human beings in some jobs. Positions that need manual labor may be automated in the future, but that is not AI domination. Take the example of computers and mobile devices. Did we become obsolete? No, computers and mobile phones became mainstream and helped in our day-to-day lives.
  • There is a need to have ethical laws and regulations to avoid the misuse of AI.

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