Top Data Science Bootcamps to Boost Your Career

Top Data Science Bootcamps to Boost Your Career

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Bootcamps have the potential to close the digital skills gap in the data science sector.  The article covers some of the best data science bootcamps to help you sharpen the data science skills.


The pace of the digital transformation does not appear to be slowing down. Companies around the world are working against the clock not to be left behind in a market where digital technologies – programming, Big Data, cybersecurity, Internet of things (IoT), mobile applications, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, are revolutionizing every aspect of the industries and their functioning. 

Therefore, when it comes to digitization and huge numbers, data science is a one-stop solution and almost every company is leveraging the power of data to meet their business objectives. Considering the huge demand for skilled data scientists and the demand-supply gap, it can be a good idea to be a part of the highly in-demand segment without spending much on a formal degree or certification. You can pick up essential data science skills from online data science bootcamps and become more employable.

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These data science bootcamps have the potential to close the diversity and digital skills gap in the data science sector. 

What is a Bootcamp? 

  • They are short-term intensive programs, of duration around 3 – 6 months, although this may vary depending on the level of complexity of the course
  • Teaching is done in a practical learning environment in which real work situations are introduced
  • They work closely with companies to identify industry needs, adjusting teaching to the latest trends and practices
  • Training in digital skills is mixed with socio-emotional skills such as teamwork, learning, and problem-solving
  • As part of the Bootcamp, most schools offer job fairs and contact with business networks in order for the graduate to find work

Data science bootcamps have a lot in common: small class sizes, hands-on projects, and high graduate employment rates. Taking into account how fast everything evolves in this sector, data science bootcamps are a very interesting alternative so that you can keep your knowledge up to date or even acquire it from scratch if you really want to dedicate yourself to the world of data.


Courses: Data science and analytics

Languages, systems, and tools covered: Python, R, SQL, Git, Shell, Scala, and spreadsheets

Description – DataCamp is available entirely online and is intended for professionals already working in technology, finance, and healthcare. However, anyone interested in data science will benefit from the DataCamp program. The courses not only teach you the necessary skills, but you can also practice and apply those skills to real-world problems through hands-on projects. It’s free, but to get full access, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee. 

Hours per week: Courses take about four hours to complete.

Cost: $25 per month  

Data Science Dojo

Courses: Data science and data engineering, data science for product managers, data science for managers and business leaders, and big data, artificial intelligence, and decision science in healthcare

Languages, systems, and tools covered: Machine learning models using R, Python, Azure ML, and AWS

Description – Data Science Dojo offers the shortest data science programs for working professionals. The boot camp focuses on machine learning and predictive models. Every participant gets a chance to complete an IoT project and participate in a Kaggle competition.

The course is designed for those already in the industry and who want to learn more about data science or brush up on the latest skills. It is open to everyone at all skill levels.

Cost: $3799.99 – $4499.99 with the option for flexible payment plan


Topics covered: Training in Python programming, data visualization, pandas, NumPy, data cleaning, SQL, statistics, machine learning, natural language processing, Spark, and much more. 

Languages, systems, and tools covered: Programming languages, R Packages, Python Libraries, etc.

Description – Dataquest is among the best-rated data science bootcamps on the Switchup review site, earning nearly five-star ratings for the overall experience, curriculum, and job support. Dataquest follows “interactive coding challenges” rather than video conferencing, so you will have the opportunity to code and work with data while receiving feedback as you go. 

Cost: Free with limited access, $399 or less for one year


Topics covered: Data Science, Data Structures, Data Visualization, Python, Data Wrangling, Statistical Inference, Machine Learning, Data Science at Scale, etc.

Languages, systems, and tools covered: R, Python, KNIME, Gawk, Weka, Scala, SQL, RapidMiner, Scikit-learn, Apache Hadoop, Apache Mahout, Apache Spark, SciPy, Orange, Axiis, Impala, Apache Drill, etc.

Description – The Data Science Career Track at Springboard consists of a six-month program that generally requires 10 – 15 hours per workweek. You will have access to the Springboard community, a personal mentor, career coach, and student advisor. At the end of the program, you will have an “interview-ready portfolio” and access to a data science network. Most students complete the course in 2 – 4 months, and Springboard promises to refund your tuition if you don’t get a job within six months of graduation.

Duration – 9 Months

Cost – $6,600-$11,910


Topics covered:  Python programming, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, ‎Intro to Pandas for Data Analysis, ‎Data Cleaning with Pandas 

Languages, systems, and tools covered: Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, and Bokeh

Description – RMOTR offers a 4-month-long bootcamp program with a fixed schedule of evening courses. Participants would be a part of 10 “fun and practical” projects to strengthen their data science profile. They would need to attend two online courses per week in live instructor-led classes. The program offers access to mentors and post-course support. 

Cost: $7,800 to $21,000; one-week free trial available


Topics covered: Python, data science, web development, programming, etc.

Languages, systems, and tools covered: Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, and Bokeh

Description – Thinkful offers a self-paced online bootcamp with a project-based curriculum, career preparation, and one-on-one tutoring with access to a community of students, mentors, and alumni. The course requires efforts of 20 to 30 hours per workweek and most students graduate in approximately six months. Thinkful also offers a job guarantee – if you can’t find a job after graduation, the company will reimburse the tuition fee.

Cost: $9,000 to $16,000

Data Application Lab 

Topics Covered – General data science, big data engineer, basics, data analyst, full data science stack, and big data solutions

Languages, systems, and tools covered: Probability and Statistics with R, Banking Financial Data Manipulation with Pandas, Python Machine Learning Eco-system, Data Cleansing Practice on Real Estate Data, Supervised Learning: Classification, Regression, Big data, Data Analysis using Hadoop Hive Advanced visualization & A/B Testing, etc.

Description – Data Application Lab is another full-time data science bootcamp. The programs focus on equipping students with “practical industry needs” along with traditional academic courses. If you have less computer science experience, they also offer a 10-year coding class and internship to get you up to speed. The bootcamp also features a Steam Game Recommendation System Project and a FinTech (Financial Technology) project to give a hands-on understanding of the topics.

Cost: $6600

Duration – 16 weeks

Class Webinar Time: Sat & Sun 5 – 7 p.m. Pacific Time (Final schedule subject to change, we will announce ahead of time)

TA Office Hour & QA Session: Mon & Wed 5 – 7 p.m. Pacific Time 

K2 Data Science Bootcamp

Topics covered: CS fundamentals, basic Python programming, SciPy stack, machine learning, statistics & probability.

Languages, systems, and tools covered: SciPy Stack – NumPy, pandas and matplotlib, Python, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, web scraping, APIs, SQL, NoSQL, JavaScript, D3.js, Hadoop, Spark.

Description – The bootcamp will teach you how to extract insights from data and create impact for companies with our mentor-led program. The K2 Data Science Bootcamp offers lifetime access to curriculum, TA support, and Slack community. It includes 30 1-on-1 mentor sessions, covering the concepts of data science and machine learning, and live Python examples.

Cost – $6,000

Choosing the Best Online Data Science Bootcamp for Yourself

Before finalizing a bootcamp for upskilling yourself, you must know –

  • Will the bootcamp help you to grab a suitable job?
  • Does the bootcamp cover all the trending technologies to help you stay market relevant?
  • Is it cost-effective and worth investing in?

Explore demo and introductory classes to learn about the course curriculum and the instructor. Check out the third part reviews and reports on the given bootcamp, and see if you can dedicate the desired time to complete the assignments and projects. Bootcamps are expensive investments; hence consider every detail before getting enrolled in one!

Happy upskilling! 

If you have recently completed a professional course/certification, click here to submit a review.

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