10 Best Content Marketing Resources You Will Ever Need

10 Best Content Marketing Resources You Will Ever Need

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Syed Aquib Ur
Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
Senior Executive Content
Updated on Dec 16, 2021 18:22 IST

Content marketing has many benefits when you do it right. You can establish your brand’s online presence with SEO best practices, build authority, gain customer trust by personalising content and much more. Ultimately, it enables higher conversion rates without spending much. 


Content marketing is the least intrusive tool of online advertising. Over 70 per cent of consumers since the past decade have preferred learning about a product/service through content to traditional advertising (Content Marketing Institute). While the popular opinion – “Content is king” still holds true, the digital marketing climate keeps changing. Businesses today need to keep up with the trends in distribution channels, technologies, and tools to prioritise their content marketing efforts. 

According to a report from SEMrush, 94 per cent of businesses preferred social media in 2019 and in 2020, 89 per cent of businesses prioritised organic search and 87 per cent on social media marketing. In this year, the focus has shifted to other distribution channels such as videos and podcasts. In December 2021, there are 2,395, 995 Apple podcasts (Apple Podcasts Statistics), compared to 550,000 podcasts on the same platform in 2018 (Apple, WWDC 2018). 

So, maybe you are still figuring out ways to improve your content marketing efforts in the coming year. For that, you will need to keep yourself updated with the best resources to learn content marketing. With them, you will certainly save time, learn a thing or two every day and even make better decisions to compete in your industry through high-quality and consistent content creation. 

Rundown of the Best Resources to Learn Content Marketing

Below is a list of the top content marketing resources. 


For learning insightful content marketing strategies, this site will help you. The blog posts are written by experienced marketing professionals who are marketing consultants, inbound marketing experts, etc. Blogs aside, it offers a headline analyser that you can install on your Chrome browser. It has a pricing option as well as a free one, both of which are useful for bloggers. So why do you need it? It quickly gives you an overall score that determines how it will engage your readers. Typically, they suggest a score above 70. 


It offers many useful resources for content marketers. There are tonnes of step-by-step guides and annual statistical reports. Simply, filter out topics according to various domains of content marketing – SEO, email marketing, etc. If you are new to content marketing and want to upskill, its in-house academy offers free and invaluable content marketing programmes with free certificates. Do check HubSpot Academy courses

Nathan Barry 

He is the founder of the successful email marketing company, ConvertKit. He has been regularly offering sound advice on UI design, social media, business growth, and marketing from the perspective of personal experiences since 2009. You can also find him on his YouTube channel for his podcasts. 


You can already guess by the name, this site is all about blogging. Founded in 2006 by Brian Clark, the blog posts here are highly recommended for all levels of content marketers. You get to learn about creating valuable content that drives engagement. 

Seth Godin

Author of 20 best-selling books on marketing, Seth Godin needs no introduction. His blogs cover a lot of ground on content marketing practices. While he posts every day, you will find a lot of his ebooks that are free to download. You can also listen to him on his own weekly Akimbo Podcast.  

Tubular Labs 

For researching video marketing best practices and industry news on how emerging video marketing channels are used today, visit this site. It also features a dedicated YouTube channel, and it touts to be “the only company that is a member of the YouTube Measurement Program and a Facebook Measurement Partner”.

Video Creators 

This channel is the top YouTube Growth Agency for content creators on YouTube. Learn about YouTube metrics, optimising ads on the platform, growing your subscriber count in a month, common mistakes to avoid and much more. 


Learn the best content marketing tips from the best. Contently has numerous blog posts categorised into – strategy, digital transformation, storytelling, and ROI. 

The Marketing Analytics Show 

Data rules the world today. This podcast shows its importance in marketing. The host, Anna Shutko, interviews the founders and CEOs of successful media channels,  PPC agencies, etc., worldwide, where you can gain insights on how they leverage data for their efforts. It is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

Social Media Marketing Podcast 

Hosted by the founder of Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner, you can learn about content conversion, best techniques to engage followers through Instagram ads, understanding what type of content works on YouTube and much more. 

Parting Thoughts

While these are highly recommended resources to learn content marketing, you will find much more. If these inspire you, go for content marketing courses to level up your game. 

If you have recently completed a professional course/certification, click here to submit a review.

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