Stay Updated with the 15 Best Resources to Learn Product Management

Stay Updated with the 15 Best Resources to Learn Product Management

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Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Here are the top 15 resources to learn product management that you should consider as a product manager.


To develop amazing products that nurture customer satisfaction and trust, product managers must know how to be ahead of trends at all times. The pandemic continues to impact the product management ecosystem to a great degree. And, the rise of digital services, data and remote stakeholder management and emerging technologies have pushed the need for micro specialisations. If you are ready to identify and overcome challenges that the coming year will unfold, there are plenty of educational and insight-driven resources to bank on. For your convenience, choose from the handpicked list of the best resources to learn product management. 

Top 10 Product Management Resources 

Mentioned below are blogs, podcasts, and more to advance your knowledge in the field. 


Better known as a roadmap platform, the website has a dedicated Learning Center. There you will find more than 500 blogs and in-depth guides on product strategy, product roadmap, etc. You can also select blog categories based on trending topics such as product leadership, roadmap management, among others. You can filter these broad topics further based on your learning level. And if you haven’t bookmarked this site already, sign-up for its newsletters that will arrive twice every week. 


Straight from Silicon Valley, California, this group offers incredible practical advice on markets and technologies, product development, economic growth, etc. You can also listen to their weekly podcasts that interview senior executives from Fortune 500 companies and equivalent, policymakers, scientists and more. 


While it is a well-received analytics tool, it also features many useful resources for the product manager in the form of blogs. Check the section – Best Practices to uncover insights on the importance of efficient data management, improving customer retention, and so on. You can also subscribe to its weekly newsletter. 

Silicon Valley Product Group 

It is the go-to website for product managers everywhere. Just head over to the website and click on the ‘insights blog’ section and find useful articles on product management best practices that have been continuously written since 2005. 

Mind the Product 

Since the last decade, Mind the Product has been successful in creating one of the largest communities for product management professionals in the world. You can find articles on many topics clubbed under alphabets (A-Z) and also explore the ones written by product leaders of the company. While it has a paid membership forum, you can join the free Slack community consisting of over 20,000 members. And if you prefer learning on the go, switch to its podcasts. 

Product School 

An all-inclusive centre for product professionals, you can find it on Reddit, YouTube, and Quora among others. On YouTube, you can go through various playlists covering insider insights from product managers who work in major companies including Google, Amazon, Spotify, etc. 

Product Collective 

Offering weekly newsletters, Product Collective covers the latest trends in the industry. You will find useful, easy-to-understand content on important concepts, frameworks and tools. It is also recommended that you join its free Slack community. 


If you are struggling to make meaningful relationships with customers, check out this website. Here, you can hover around two sections – Case Studies and Psychology. Just sign up and get insights on products, market, retention and revenue. By clicking on the Psychology section you can check out important concepts such as Hick’s Law, Confirmation Bias, etc., explained with examples from the industry. 

Fearless Product Leadership 

This podcast continues to offer insights on how product leaders should lead their product teams. The episodes cover topics on product alignment, product discovery, customer value, product vision, etc. 

HBR IdeaCast 

Senior editors at Harvard Business Review, Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch have been hosting this podcast since 2006. If you are looking forward to building your product strategy through leadership, communication, etc., this should be your go-to resource. 

Inside Intercom

It is a popular platform for customer communications and has been included 6 times in the prestigious Forbes Cloud 100 list. Now, its website offers a lot of insightful reading and listening material covering a lot of ground of product management. Check out its blogs covering about product, support, sales, customer engagement, etc. You can also find its podcast on the website or find on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or SoundCloud. The podcasts are short, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes.

The Product Podcast

This podcast covers interviews of product leaders from Facebook, Amazon, etc. Learn about product roadmap and strategy and similar topics. You can find this podcast on several platforms including Google Podcasts, Stitcher, etc. 

Check out free product roadmap and strategy courses

GTD podcast

GTD or Getting Things Done is an international bestseller book by David Allen that focuses on making the work-life management system highly efficient. You must check out the GTD podcast that covers how to implement GTD at work for productivity. The podcasts cover how to manage complex projects with a strategic approach. 

Agile Product Management with Scrum: Creating Products that Customers Love 

This book by product management expert, Roman Pichler, is a must-read for all product management aficionados. The book covers real-life examples of creating products using Scrum methodology. The author goes on at length to discuss the challenges Scrum professionals face and can overcome. This book will be helpful more when you take up agile and scrum courses

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Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams

Written by Richard Banfield, Marting Eriksson, and Nate Walkingshow, this book discusses how product management should be approached in the contemporary scenario. There are about 100 interviews with top product leaders who give incredible insights into how products are completed successfully from beginning to end. 

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Well, these are among the top resources online to learn product management. They will supplement you further when you pick up product management courses

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