Gear Up For 2024 With The 10 Best Resources To Learn Project Management

Gear Up For 2024 With The 10 Best Resources To Learn Project Management

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Syed Aquib Ur
Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Updated on Nov 17, 2023 15:46 IST

Project managers need to change with the time. Specifically, with digital transformation and AI that are disrupting every industry. The best way is to stay ahead in the domain and staying ahead with good resources. They serve as good supplements to training courses, and give to-be or experienced project managers a wholesome view.   



Fast forward to now, the scope of project management is becoming much too complex. Project teams are getting much bigger making effective remote collaboration difficult to manage. Almost every industry is dependent on big data analytics and artificial intelligence. To cope, global PM aficionados apply more than one methodology or tool and know that giving importance to flexible Agile teams will lead to high-quality output. 

So there are many new exciting opportunities in this industry to look forward to in 2024. The latest project management courses are going to help you. But staying ahead of challenges should be next on your priority list. You will find forums, podcasts and all the other best resources to learn project management here. It is recommended that you don’t miss out on any. 

Rundown of the Top Free Project Management Resources 

Whether you are a PMP certified professional, have a PRINCE2 certification, or just beginning to learn about the subject, the resources below are for all. 


Wrike is a popular work management platform for collaboration. Check its blogs that cover various topics under larger categories such as marketing, leadership, productivity, news and collaboration. Also, it has a dedicated section – Remote Working that has insightful blog posts on how project managers can lead an efficient project team. You can even explore the Resources Library and head down to the Educational Guides. Do go to Project Management Guide that has every concept, framework and technique beginners, intermediates and experts need to know. 

PM Podcast

The go-to educational resource for PMPs, the PM Podcast lets you explore interviews according to categories. Select from Agile Project Management, Agile Communications, Business Analysis, Emotional Intelligence, and the list goes on. For those who need to earn Education PDUs (Professional Development Units) for the PMP certification renewal, they can do so by listening to the free podcasts it offers. 


Though it is quite well-known as a cloud management software brand, do explore its YouTube channel. Over 300K follower count, it features short, easy-to-understand videos on project management best practices. Head over to its Project Management Videos playlist and start learning. 

Project Management Institute 

The authorising body for the PMP certification, PMI is the globally leading project management resource. Head to The Official PMI Blog section to get ideas on the project standards and new challenges. Do check the Resource Hub when you visit the site. There is also an active discussion board for registered members. 

Additionally, you may want to check out these resources on YouTube.



Another popular project management software that is also a fine resource for learning is the ProofHub Blog section. Read on various project concepts, tips, checklists and more. Read on time management, marketing, recommended tools, improving efficiency in remote project teams, etc. And, if you are new to Agile, check out its beginner guide as you scroll down the posts. 

Camel Blog

If you are planning to be a PRINCE2 certified project manager, explore the Camel Blog of the Arras People company in the UK. The blogpost archives here go back to 2006. Most of them can be read as perspectives on project management best practices but you will also find sound advice on how to learn and apply them. 

PM For The Masses

Want to hear what bestselling authors and CEOs have to say about project management? Check out the podcasts on this site. To date, there are 139 episodes that you can download for free. Get insights on leadership, PM interview preparation, how to stay focused and increase your work productivity, and more. 

Digital Product Manager

Better known for its podcast show, it also features some useful How-To guides on the website. The written guides include everything necessary for the entire project lifecycle. Just click on the categories – project initiation, project planning, etc and explore the in-depth articles under each category. Apart from these, you can explore more topics from the homepage covering PM Methodologies, PM Hacks and Productivity, Risk Management, etc. If these aren’t enough, find its podcasts on Google Play or Spotify and also join its paid membership-only community. 


If you are looking for a free online community of aspiring and expert project managers, join this actively moderated community on Reddit. While it is not affiliated with PMI in any way, you can find a tonne of useful reading material that are currently circulating among 26K members. You can filter discussions based on PMP exam tips, Agile prep, Study Advice and more.

The Lazy Project Manager 

Written by popular keynote speaker Peter Taylor and author of the Amazon bestseller of the same name, The Lazy Project Manager site is a fine useful resource. Find blogs on different categories such as coaching, communication, leadership, stakeholder, and so forth to inspire and educate yourself. 

Parting Thoughts

While there are many other resources online that you can find, these ones are certainly worth your time. Hopefully, you will learn more and turn obstacles into opportunities for your growing project team. 

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