Data Scientist Salaries – Your Ultimate Guide

Data Scientist Salaries – Your Ultimate Guide

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Th article discusses the salaries of data scientist depending on experience, skillset, location, profile and companies.


The job profile of data scientists took the employment industry by storm by being among the least affected profiles by Covid-19. Glassdoor reports that data scientist was the third most desired job in the United States, with more than 6500 openings and a median base data scientist salary of $107,801. In contrast, a data science salary in India is Rs. 10,00,000. This qualitative job market kept evolving with predominance across different industries, relying heavily on business and data intelligence and offering high data scientist salaries.

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Who is a Data Scientist?

Data scientists are professionals who translate huge volumes of available information from massive information sources and turn them into viable answers, solving business problems. Data scientists have paved the way to almost all types of businesses that deal with data and help them solve the problems related to humongous volumes of categorized or uncategorized data. For example – predict users’ tastes and show them the best option or discover the chances that a person may be at risk of suffering from a disease.

Data scientists have great mathematical and statistical knowledge, and, in addition, they have an impeccable command over statistical software and programming, as well as the concepts of artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, data mining, deep learning, and data warehouses, among others.

Data Scientist Salaries: What to Expect

Data scientists work on different data-driven projects where they are involved in the end-to-end lifecycle. From data acquisition to communicating insights to the management and stakeholders, the demands for skilled data scientists are shooting, and they have pulled down significant salaries. 

Data scientist salaries depend on various factors, including experience, job location, skill sets, industries, and companies employed, to name a few. The article will explore the above-mentioned factors and help you make the right decision before you choose your career as a data scientist. We have segmented the article into the below segments to help you navigate to the section of your interest.

Data Scientist Salary in India – By Experience

Entry-Level Data Scientist Salary

Entry-level is the starting point for any career, and data science is no different. Entry-level data scientists are usually the ones who have just graduated or are changing their careers and are totally new to this field. The salary of a data scientist at the entry-level affects the median salary of the profession, so discussing it is also important. So coming to the point, the average entry-level salary of data scientists in India, as per Ambitionbox, is Rs. 4.0 – 6.8 LPA.

Junior Data Scientist Salary

Data scientists with 1-4 years of experience can be considered junior data scientists. This group covers the widest population of data scientists, and their salaries can be regarded as the standard when the subject of a data scientist’s salary comes up. This group of data scientists usually have worked on novice and important data science projects and are on their way to becoming senior data scientists.

Ambitionbox suggests that the junior data scientist’s average salary in India is Rs.4.8 LPA.


Senior Data Scientist Salary

Senior data scientists have broad skill sets and experience working with crucial data-driven projects. On average, they draw a salary of Rs. 21 LPA in India.


Lead Data Scientist Salary

Principal data scientists or lead data scientists usually form the top layer of the data scientist hierarchy. They lead the organization’s data science projects and are responsible for drawing business insights from the data/information pulled by their teams. The median data scientist salary in India is Rs. 24.3 LPA.

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Data Scientist Salary in India – By Skillset


Image – Data Science-related Skills, Have skill vs Want to add or improve skill – KDnuggets Poll 

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Data Scientist Salaries – By Location

Data Scientist Salary, India

India ranks second in job opportunities for data scientists, with over 50,000 data scientist jobs available across different companies in India. As per Ambitionbox, the average data science salary in India is Rs. 10 LPA.

Below are the top cities in India offering the highest-paying data scientists jobs.

City Salary Per Annum
Gurgaon ₹1,018,777
Bangalore ₹989,932 
New Delhi ₹825,165
Mumbai ₹806,943 
Hyderabad ₹806,771 
Chennai ₹777,287
Noida ₹776,900 
Pune ₹765,283 
Kolkata ₹690,000 
Jaipur ₹622,008
Ahmedabad ₹610,141
Trivandrum ₹514,500 
Chandigarh ₹512,043 
Coimbatore ₹479,323 
Kochi ₹450,000

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Data Scientist Salary in the US

The United States of Labor Statistics forecasts that Data Science and IT jobs will witness a growth of 19% by the year 2026 with over 5400 new jobs across different American cities.  

Median Data Scientist Salaries in Other Countries

  • Data Scientist Salary in Australia – AU$92,376
  • Data Scientist Salary in Canada – C$78,948
  • Data Scientist Salary in the UK – £49,954 
  • Data Scientist Salary in Europe – €55475
  • Data Scientist Salary in France – €45385
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Data Scientist Salaries – By Profile

Profile Skills Required Median Salary
Data Architect Data Modelling, Applied Math and Statistics, Design Skills, Machine Learning, Databases, and Cloud Architecture ₹1,976,591 
Deep Learning Scientist Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning Frameworks, Neural Networks, Data Modeling And Evaluation, Computer Science Fundamentals And Programming ₹911.000
Data Engineers Database Systems, Data warehousing. Machine learning. Data APIs, Python, Java, and Scala  ₹839,625 
Core Data Scientist Python, Java, SQL, Statistical modelling, Data Manipulation and Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data ₹824,241
Artificial Intelligence Engineer Information theory, Python, SQL, Statistical modelling, Java and Hadoop, Cloud computing ₹750,000 
Machine Learning Engineer Statistical Modelling, Deep Learning, Optimization, Calculus, Applied Mathematics, Neural Network Architectures, Physics, Data Modeling, and Evaluation ₹701,478
Business Intelligence Developer Data Visualization, Python, Statistical modelling, optimization ₹549,372 
Data Analyst SQL, R or Python–Statistical Programming, MS Excel, Tableau, Data Visualization, Presentation Skills, Statistics ₹441,327

Data Scientist Salary – By Company

Company Name Average Data Scientist Salary in India


(0-15 Years of experience)

Google Rs. 31.4 LPA
Microsoft Rs. 28.1 LPA
HCL Technologies Rs. 9.1 LPA
Accenture Rs. 12.1 LPA
TCS Rs. 7.9 LPA
HP Rs. 15.9 LPA
IBM Rs. 11.8 LPA
Infosys Rs. 11.3 LPA
Ericsson Rs. 13.6 LPA
Fractal Analytics Rs. 14.6 LPA
Deloitte Rs. 12.7 LPA
Tech Mahindra Rs. 8.2 LPA
Capgemini Rs. 8.3 LPA
Wipro Rs. 9.0 LPA


The work profile and data scientist salaries are desirable. If you think you have the right skill sets and enthusiasm to embark on a career path to become a data scientist, then it’s high time. You can also consider taking relevant data science courses based on your experience level and skillsets and enter the world of data science! Opportunities are on all the time, and the market demands skilled professionals. Go on and make the right career move!


How much does a data scientist in India make?

As per AmbitionBox, an average data scientist makes around Rs. 10LPA. Data Scientist salary in India ranges between Rs. 4.4 Lakhs to Rs. 24.3 Lakhs, which varies as per the candidate's experience, company, location, and skills.

Do data scientists earn more than software engineers do?

Yes, data scientists earn more than software engineers do. The current big data and data science wave has benefitted professionals working in the fields of data science, machine learning, and big data, and they earn 26% higher than an average software engineer in India.

There are many people training to become Data Scientists? Should I go for it?

If you have a knack to take a deep dive in data and the right skill sets like knowledge of programming, programming languages, math, and statistics, then of course you should go for data scientist training. It is a high-paying market and the future certainly looks bright.

Which skills can help me boost my salary package?

To increase your remunerations as a data scientist, you must keep an eye on which data science skills are trending. You must learn D3, visualization library in JavaScript, Spark, SQL, Excel, R, cloud computing, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, and Python, the skills that form the backbone of a data scientist career.

How do I find the best data scientists jobs?

Apart from searching job boards to find the best data scientistsu2019 jobs, you can - 1. Follow company profiles on GitHub 2. Create your own data science projects on GitHub and showcase them 3. Organize and participate in conferences and get to meet hirers from the best companies 4. Participate in hackathons

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