How to Select a Data Science Course?

How to Select a Data Science Course?

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Updated on Oct 3, 2023 13:48 IST

If you are interested to find data science course but are confused how to choose right course for yourself then this blog will guide you


If you are interested in learning anything, just set your mind and invest some time. Everything can be learned sitting at your home nowadays. Data Science is a new buzzword these days, and many people are interested in learning it. But the problem is that they don’t know how to choose the data science course, decide on good data science courses, and who are the course providers. This blog will provide you with a one-stop solution for these questions.

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Selecting Data Science course

1. Outline your career goals 

Before picking which online course is best for your requirements, first frame your objectives. Self-analyzing is important. So Pose yourself a couple of inquiries-

  1. Where do you want to be in five years? 
  2. Are you seeking an entry-level position or an upper-level position? 
  3. Are you seeking employment or want a promotion, or are you already working? 
  4. What skills do you need to acquire for your career goals?

Data science is a broad field that includes artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, machine learning, and more. So start by choosing the primary area suitable for you. 

Some popular careers in data science include: 

  • Statistician
  • Data engineer
  • Data analyst 
  • Data scientist 
  • Machine learning engineer 

2. Research work necessities

Figure out the particular necessities you’ll be qualified for the job you need. Numerous data science jobs require a range of abilities intended for that specific work. A couple of technical skills you might find in the field of data science include

  • Problem-solving 
  • Communication
  • Machine learning 
  • Databases 
  • Teamwork 
  • Big data frameworks 
  • Creativity 
  • Coding
  • Data visualization 

Suggestion Tip!!!

Go to different job portals, search for current job openings, and try to see job descriptions. You will get an idea of the other skills companies expect in your field.

3. Assess your skillset

After checking the skill requirement in the market, you need to access your skillet. You need to analyze what you need to learn.

Are you a beginner who needs to start from basic concepts or have you wanted to upscale yourself? So you need to focus on a beginner’s level course if you are a beginner in that field of Data Science. The online instructor will move fast, and you will be expected to complete online projects at the end of the course. So need to have at least background knowledge about the topic.

Suggestion tip!!!

If you are a beginner, you have background knowledge. Suppose if you want to learn Machine learning or data science, you should have basic programming skills and knowledge of programming languages like python.

4. Search for online Data Science courses

Now you are clear with the job requirements and your skillset. Now you can start finding a suitable course for you. Most data science online course completion takes 3-6 months. The cost will vary by institute and location. 

While researching, you should consider the following:

Value for Money
Content Quality
Customer Support
Total No. of enrolled learners
Certification Exam

Suggestion tip!!!

Before applying for the program, first, go and check the prerequisites properly.

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5. Program mode

Data Science courses are offered in offline, online, and hybrid modes-

1. Offline classes:

You’ll get the opportunity to network and work as a team member and learn people skills like collaboration and teamwork. It could be seen that your team is given projects to do. There you can learn and grow with other people. You can get the help of the instructor whenever you need it.

2. Online courses:

If you are not concerned about networking, The online system is an incredibly convenient option. The instructor will be there on call when you need help, and you’ll be receiving the study material online. In these cases, you can work and learn at your own pace according to your work timings.

3. Hybrid courses:

These courses offer the benefits of both online and offline programs. This is an excellent option for those who live near an institution but cannot afford to come to attend classes daily but want to build a network or enjoy the flexibility of online learning in addition to in-person courses. 

Suggestion tip!!!

You should check if the employer is offering any tuition reimbursement, especially if you are already employed and want to move into the role of seniority.

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5. More Research about online programs

It’s better to research the program and the course provider or university’s reputation. It would help if you focused on the following points

  • Student and alumni review
  • Financing options
  • Partnerships
  • Career and placement support
  • Application process
  • Certified program or not
  • Tutor’s profile

Suggestion tips!!!

1. There are free online courses also available. So compare them while doing research and check if you can find top free programs suitable to your interest.

2. Try contacting people on websites like LinkedIn and get feedbacks from them about course.


If you are reading this article, I assume you want to improve your skillset. So don’t think much, just go for it!!! Data Science is already a field in demand these days. So don’t hesitate much to invest your time and money in it. If you’re interested in learning about data science topics, click data science study material.

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