Learn Full Stack Development – Today’s In-Demand Tech Skill

Learn Full Stack Development – Today’s In-Demand Tech Skill

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With over 50,000 active jobs across industries, Full stack web development has emerged as one of the most in-demand skills in today’s times. It hasn’t been en vogue for long at all, but with virtual space dominating the job and education segment, there is a surge in the demands of full-stack development. Businesses are explicitly hiring skilled full-stack developers, who can create apps from scratch, and actively participate throughout its development process.


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Why Are Entreprises Going Full-Stack?

Tech enterprises are increasingly hiring full-stack developers to create robust IT products like a mobile stack, web stack, UI Stack, MEAN Stack, MERN Stack Full Stack, or native application stack. Some of the primary benefits of why the full stack is right for your business include –

  • Allows easy switch between front-end and back-end development based on project requirements
  • Helps to manage the entire design structure and work at any level as needed during the development process
  • Ensures cost-savings by hiring a specialized full-stack developer instead of specifically hiring both front-end and back-end developers
  • Flexible to work with and easy to take on-site design and deployment
  • Easy to upgrade with new technology and tools faster than someone who specializes only in front-end or back-end technology
  • A complete solution to problems. It identifies the root cause of a problem without focusing solely on solutions
  • An ideal choice for small and medium businesses as the complex website requirement can be segmented to save time

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The Role of Full stack developers in Technology Space

Tech industry experts refer to full-stack developers as “jack of all trades” because of their diverse coding skills and swear by their roles in today’s technological space.

Full-stack developers work with all of the front-end and back-end programming languages and are the best of both worlds when it comes to server-side databases and languages. They may not necessarily have to master everything required to work on the front and back end, but are skilled enough to work across all layers of software.

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A full-stack developer job is more comprehensive and requires diverse technical expertise that covers all parts of enterprise development, such as –
  • Server management, including remote server connection maintenance, groups and users management, firewalls, software updates, and installation management
  • Cloud computing
  • Databases, such as MySQL, and NoSQL such as Cassandra or MongoDB
  • Back end processes including web servers, search engines, APIs, and related developmental tools
  • Frontend processes designed with JavaScript

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Skills Required to become a Full Stack developer

A full-stack developer should have very deep knowledge in all areas of web programming, such as networks, servers, APIs, data modeling, UI, and UX. Besides, they must also know how to perform tasks such as setting up a server and programming the base of site data. Some of the skills that you should learn to start a career in full-stack development are –

  • Knowledge of web fundamentals like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Proficiency in various JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, React, etc.
  • Knowledge of server-side languages like Python, PHP, Ruby and .Net
  • Ability to work on API design and development
  • Command over web server technologies like node.js, J2EE, Apache, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of database technologies like MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB

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Building a Career in Full Stack Development

The growth and opportunities are immense in the field of full-stack, and to keep pace with newer iterations in technology, you need to keep learning and growing. Learning through your job experience, continued experiential learning, and doing an excellent full-stack course from a reputed platform can work wonders for your career. We have handpicked you one of the most coveted full-stack online certifications, The Full Stack by Meta on Coursera.

About the Program – The Full Stack by Meta on Coursera

The Full Stack course by Coursera will help you to practice bringing together multiple skills to build a full-stack Django app. You will learn how to set up an environment for a local practical project, and refactoring the front and back-ends of an existing application. You will also create the front and back-ends of a new application using your full-stack developer skills.

Mode – 100% online


  • No prior web development experience is required. The course seekers should have basic internet navigation skills and an eagerness to start coding.

Key Highlights

  • Taught by Meta Staff
  • Build a Django app
  • Use the Full Stack
  • Configure an environment
  • Flexible deadlines
  • Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule
  • Shareable Certificate
  • Earn a Certificate upon completion

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