What Successful Managers Should Know About Management Concepts

What Successful Managers Should Know About Management Concepts

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Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Explore management concepts derived from various theories, functions, processes, etc.


Management has no single definition, even though it is a universal discipline across all sizes of organizations. And the theories, functions, types, techniques, and various characteristics of this domain are constantly evolving. All these varying classifications can be understood as different management concepts. 

Management Concepts Based on Functions

There are many functions of management that are required for aligning a team with the organisational goals and meeting them. As a manager, you must be able to consider the main functions, such as

  • Planning to establish objectives that make the organisation successful
  • Organising to delegate defined tasks for each team member
  • Staffing to recruit the right talent for each task
  • Directing to motivate the team and helping embers achieve the goals assigned
  • Controlling to take corrective action to ensure the plan is on track
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For all these functions, managers need various skills to implement plans and help the team and organisation grow together. Management skills such as problem-solving, mentoring, etc, are essential. Managers also need to develop leadership skills such as emotional intelligence and others to perform the core managerial functions with success. 

Management Concepts Derived from Theories

The above functions are more administrative that help the organisation achieve goals. 

At some level in today’s context, these functions are further guided by the 14 Principles of Management, also known as Fayolism.  

All these principles advocate that there should be teamwork which leads to meeting long-term goals in the organisation. 

But the functions of management as a concept have been dictated by many other management theories over the past decades. 

Some of the most common ones include

  • Scientific Management Theory, which looks into standardising and optimising processes
  • Human Relations Theory, which creates a better workplace environment

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Management Concepts Derived from Processes

It is essential to know about the processes that guide management in an organisation. There are different characteristics of management to consider. 

Some of the important features that can conceptualise management as a process in an organisation are

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Management Concepts Based on Levels

There are three different levels of management based on the size of the organisation. 

Top Level Management

Managers at this level are the key decision-makers. Their responsibilities include creating policies, budgets, coordinating department activities, etc. 

Middle Level Management

They depend on the top management to send directives for implementing policies. These types of managers interpret these directives and evaluate to the junior level managers and employees. 

Lower Level Management

Managers at this level are in organisations for daily operational activities. They delegate tasks derivative of the policies passed on from top to middle-level managers. 

Importance of Management

By now you know that no organisation can exist without management. If the categorisation of hierarchies, application of management functions based on principles, etc., are not in considered, there is no future for the organisation. Primarily because, objectives will not be set properly, leading to miscommunication and conflict

Applying Management Concepts

Considering all the concepts of management derived from functions, characteristics, levels, etc., there are many useful ways to apply them in the contemporary scenario. 

All in all, factors such as efficiency and effectiveness are necessary to consider. It is not only important to get tasks completed on time but also reducing waste and redundancy. 

Good management is also about creating a healthy environment for employees which many management styles and theories prescribe. 

Practices such as utilising the best technologies available to automate redundant tasks, creating a diverse organisation, introducing flexibility at work, etc., are essential at the managerial level to create an efficient workforce. 

Do take some management courses and start your career in this evolving domain. 

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